even better a few years later

not talking about wine.

saw four funerals and a wedding late at night with my daughter and her boyfriend.

what a setup…

enjoyed. perhaps more than the first time.

here are 4 reasons to see it, and one not to:

ONE richard curtis does a wonderful job with the script. love, missed love, bad timing, hopeless love, funny at the tough spots. british, yet not.

TWO surprisingly one of the most touching moments for me was the funeral.

good acting. sad. to the heart. “ this is actually what i wanted to say

THREE Andie MacDowell or Kristine Scott Thomas? who adds more to this film?  Andie, in this flick, is about as sexy as any woman can be – easy! can not find a greater beauty. still, i think Kristine come out full of character. because it is tough to be a good number 2, the supporting actress, with out challenging or stealing the show from the top actress. and because of this. no competition

it is not Charlie and Lola.

it is about love

about how once you love someone, you can not love someone else until this one goes away (i actually disagree, but know the feeling).

about when love finally happens, (a strange thing), a moment of magic that will never go away.

FOUR because the plan, the script, is simple. when asked a question say ‘i do’.

i like it when the truth comes out.

who speaks when told ‘speak now or forever hold your peace?’ no one. and who keeps it to themselves?

and  a reason not to see the movie

rowan atkinson. so what if he is friends with Richard Curtis?

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One Response to “even better a few years later”

  1. רן ערד Says:

    Much better now! 🙂

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