#9 don’t call us, will call you

The main purpose of the presentation was to get into a process.

so success is actually determined by the next steps.

when questions arise during a presentation, write them down. summarize them towards the end. and promise to get back.

now, there is a tendency to do it quickly; within 24hours is standard etiquette.

sometimes, promptness is less. i mean, the hectic pace we are used to, our busy calendars and access to communication is and information can drive lower productivity. answering a need too quickly is a manifestation of this inefficiency as well.

so, promptness is less.

think things over, send an email within 24 hours stating what you understand the issues to be, and get back with some insight that blows us away.

in general, you should be constantly trying to discover what are the issues the VC has that if answered, will motivate them to start the process.

your answers could be the start of the process.

there is a great problem with this advise:

sometimes VCs do not know what will make them want to do the deal.

sometimes the issues stated are not the ‘real issues’.

hey… most times.

but once in a while, the way you listen, address key issues and analyze them as you evolve, can make a difference.


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