want to help haiti?

terrible news from haiti

already one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere

with a history of political mismanagement.

as many as 3million people may be affected by the earthquake

want to help?

here is a cool way:

quick to market

think of how flexible senior management at this organization were to act

perhaps because they are well aware of their values

knowing your values helps in decision making

what decision can we make to make our organization help?

to see the earthquake on tape, take a look here

sometimes, the earth is cruel

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3 Responses to “want to help haiti?”

  1. רן ערד Says:

    אני תוהה אם לא ניתן היה לתרום יותר – למשל כל מה שהוא מעבר למחיר העלות של החולצה, כך שלחברה עצמה לא יהיה כלל רווח על החולצות, ואז אין כל חשד לניצול האסון על ידם כדי לעשות רווחים. אבל אולי אני סתם בתקופה קצת נרגנת

  2. adisababa Says:

    ran, i agree. they could donate the whole sum. it would be much more authentic

  3. ophirk Says:

    BestWestern allows anyone to donate their membership points ( 5000 point = 20$) , which is nice. Hebrew speakers can also do it through this link http://www.britolam.org/heb/Index.asp?ArticleID=328&CategoryID=410

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