NFL in Israel

thanks god for ESPN in israel. and METV and FOX

and for the great NFL games we are watching this year and past few years. capped by great superbowls, too.

hey, we are half a world away and get 5 games a week live. the promised land.

then again, maybe it is because we are half a world away.

anyhow, with the exception of METV showing once in a while live, quality, ole’ fashion American advertisements, the other channels, including METV, and especially ESPN just show the same 5 commecrcials throughout a 3.5 h0urs broadcast. and they are n0t that fun to watch.

not the israeli tennis center, not the ole aunion bag answering the same fan mail from Zimbabwe, and not ali defeating frazier for the 230th time this week. hats off to espn for some  great self promoting ads (i would put a link to them, but espn decided to block them on you tube for my country)

how difficult would it be for a brand like ESPN to load more ads per broadcast? or just try to make it interesting? are they not really causing some brand dilution in this case?

my point is take a great product, package it poorly, and the experience for the end user is good, but not great

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