the most important event of the week

whats wrong with football/soccer?

what the one thing you hate the most?

i am not talking in israel. the football association. ah.., rotten. but that’s not the topic of this post.

Lior Z my friend first whispered it to me 20 years ago:

what if offsides rule in football(aka soccer) would be scraped?

at first i thought it was sacrilegious,

then fell in love with it

Sagy my brother has “proven” to me that it would be a bad change.

years have passed, the quarrel continuous in a way just Sagy and i can argue.

my point is this:

  • why let the referee(s) destroy the game? many games have wrong offside calls. there is no way a human can call offside situations correctly. the eye is just slower than the ball
  • i believe it would increase goal rate. if this is correct, fans would like it better

Sagy, to my surprise disagreed many years ago, and true to his color, he still disagrees

he just wrote Kevin, our college friend and me, that:

“You might get what you have been asking for, see”

“For the record, I think that scrapping the offside rule will hurt the game, at the very least, teams will keep more players behind the ball and might even have 1-2 player stay all the way back at all times.”

i say


let the change occur


4 Responses to “the most important event of the week”

  1. ophirk Says:

    Yep, Offside is quite an old “Gentlemen” British concept.
    We never had an offside rule as kids playing in the neighborhood.
    The games were quite fun.
    If you keep all your players in offense you are missing them in defense anyway, so in modern football that is not a big issue.

  2. Jonathan Klahr Says:

    It is the relative rarity of the goal that makes scoring in football such an achievement.
    There are lots of games with far more ‘scoring’ in them – (basketball, cricket) and yet they lack the sense of elation and achievement that accompanies the scoring of a goal.

    • adisababa Says:

      thanks. i agree that goals are
      – rare
      – elating

      but we are at a great shortage. a 3-2 game is still more exciting than 1-0 (or 12-10).
      so i would like to keep them rare, but more common
      assuming, that this change will increase goals

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