we all know criticism can be lethal

especially in large doses

i need to improve on this front

Moshe, my dear friend, sent this over:

on the wall at the Schechter School (btw, i graduated from Schechter school in Chicago – class of 78 (reflections of the future) :

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2 Responses to “Criticism”

  1. Ohad Says:

    I am looking at you
    (I am using a nice voice)
    I enjoy reading you Blog and value the fact that you brough the issue. However I think the two signs encourage and educate for hypocrisy.
    I think it is more appropriate to educate for critical thinking.
    My proposal would be as follow:
    Before Giving Criticism:
    Think about yourself,
    How would you do/think about it differently?
    What is your part in the issue?
    Is there any thing you can think of that can be done in order to change?
    One of my commanders during the army service told us once that when ever we point a finger of criticism there are three pointed at us (look at your hand when you point).

    I am ready to listen


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