no soup for you

Continental has just announced that on coach, it will stop offering free meals for flights inside the USA

i do not suppose that it will lower prices.

it is the last major US airline to move towords this policy. the end of an era

a few observations:

  • Business travellers are the key to success for US airlines
  • they account for 10% of travelers and 30% of revenues. or 5x revenues per traveler
  • expect business section in airplanes to improve. this is needed. for several years BusinessFirst on Continental and other major carriers, especially inside continents (europe, US) are pathetic. chairs that are wider and recline, but do not really offer a 5x better experience. from israel to europe, it is the same seats, and the curtain just moves forwards and backwards. the service and menu is the same is the same as it was many years ago, uninteresting and overall expereince is way below what it was a decade ago
  • i feel priveledged to have the opportunity to travel on business. althought inside continents i try to fly coach. hate middle seats. especially on red eyes
  • VC entrepreneur relationship will continue to involve busines vs coach travel policy
  • VCs fly business, entrepreneurs who do the real work, coach. why?
  • when i was CEO of sphera, and traveled to boards i flew coach. as a VC, i had the right to fly business, but thought that was inappropriate
  • had the occassion to do triple red eyes in a row several times. usually SF to boston, boston to london, london to israel. so VC travel is not that beautiful. not familiar with many people, entrepreneurs included, who go for that. think of the short nights, where do you shower, where do you use bathrooms

of great interest to me:

  • what will be the upgrade policy from more expensive coach tickets to business?  i think this is a nice way for entrepreneurs to keep fresh and effective and not be second class citizens compared to VCs
  • will the airlines start charging for use of bathrooms in coach?

2 Responses to “no soup for you”

  1. ophirk Says:

    Not a big loss.
    Just returned from coach at Continental and would do another in two weeks.
    Here is the Menu on their longest internal flight ( SF to New York):
    * Microwaved Turkey Dog in plastic wrap,It tastes like it sounds, dough is half baked
    * Microwaved Mini Pizza in plastic wrap
    * Microwaved Hamburger in plastic wrap

    Of course, each flight only has one of these great free benefits.

    And they want $500 to upgrade from coach cheapest seats , even if one has 140,000 miles …..

    And it is $425 (President Club) a year in order to take a shower between the 11 Hours NY-TLV flight to the 6 Hours NY-SF 🙂

    • adisababa Says:

      don’t you get president club just based on miles flown?
      these showers at newark are a real saver on california to israel. in fact, both directions

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