rosewood – luxury hotels

had the priveldge to stay at rosewood sand-hill road

luxurious hotel. we got special rates

still, it is too much

over-service and under-value for the customer. i guess i am not their target customer:

  • you can not open a door yourself. they walk you to your room. the extra service means they try to park for you, they open and close the curtains in your room for you. too much
  • decor is fancy but does not have harmony. fake
  • a phone in the toilet. again, too much. at certain times i want to be with myself
  • another annoying service. every evening the come in. put on the radio, put on your bed a laundry bag and a request for you to comply with no change of sheets. i am ok with no change of sheets. i do not change them daily at home.  i would have preferred a chocolate bar on my bed instead.
  • another service that diminshes value. in the shower, i leave the temperature knob at a certain position, in this case around 9 o’clock, or 42 degrees celcius. as a service to me, the change the position to 12 o’clock. thanks. it who did that actually help?

some nice stuff however:

  • walk in closet
  • shampoo and soap are out of a nice dispenser. seems cleaner, feels more like home, and costs less. smart
  • location is fantastic
  • great restaurant
  • and great atmosphere with people laughing and interacting in public spaces till late at night. very unusual for california hotel. definitely not the sleeping warehouses i usually stay at.

under value:

  • parking, i do not do valet – just the wrong upbringing i guess cost $20 per night.
  • wifi? free? nop. how about $12.99 per day?
  • bowl of fruit for $5? $6.99? why not $15? all before tax

i really believe in buying in supermarkets. try it every trip. it is local, fun, and inexpensive

fancy restaurants once in a while to average the costs

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