One bag and the biggest travel mistakes

this is a cool site recommended by Max.

as many of us will travel this holiday, i thought it was appropriate.

even though this site is more oriented to continuous travel to many sites and not a travel to one resort.

Max (and Roni, my sister) are all about quality over quantity; and routines that make your life more manageable.

Less is more. Simple.

i am of the travel heavy school. perhaps an indication of my soul.

i did travel light in the past: 2 months in europe with

  • 4 pair of socks,
  • 4 pair of underwear,
  • 1 pants,
  • 1 shorts,
  • swimsuit,
  • camera,
  • bag with shower needs and laundry soap

and the entire cost for the 2 month including airfare was less than $2000. let’s call it $3000 in today’s terms

these days i travel heavy because:

  • i work (and play) in several different climates
  • i attend different different functions
  • i usually have to bring back an additional suitcase for all the things friends mail order – that’s a topic for a separate post

if you believe over-packing is the biggest travel mistake, check it out:

The biggest travel mistakes … ?

  • Packing too heavily,
  • relying on outdated guidebooks,
  • not wearing a money belt,
  • leaving home with too many hotel reservations,
  • and taking other people’s opinions too seriously.

Rick Steves


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