Spring forward, fall back

this weekend we will move to spring time


and goodbye to the many wonderful sunsets we had this winter. did you notice? they were great, better than in years past.

i love it when we ‘get back’ the hour that means more light, more fun, more smiles

i would move us to european central time so that the sun sets later year round. then would add in the summer. take a look at a previous post on the matter.

anyhow, people are always confused in which direction to move the clock.

here is a simple answer:

in the spring, forward

in the fall, back

make sense,  spring forward


fall back

i think we are often in such situations in life, but do not realize it, and just try to hang on to the routine.

this day, in which we move the clock is a reminder to try to see what is it in our routine that we want to change.

spring brings its promises.


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