Throw in the towel

You know that little towel they give you when you fly business?
Usually after takeoff and sometimes before landing (on long flights)

How difficult is it for them to serve it hot, steamy hot?
So often I get it half wet, half dry
Half cold, half not warm

What is the point?
What are they trying to make me feel?
Does it build brand equity?
How hard is it to do it right? An extra 10 seconds and some caring?

I pity people who do not like their jobs, do not try to act professionally, do not respect their customers

look around and you will see them.



2 Responses to “Throw in the towel”

  1. Ran Arad Says:

    אני חושב שלא כולם בני מזל לעבוד במקצוע שהם אוהבים, ויש רבים שנאלצים לעבוד במשהו שהם מתעבים רק כדי להתפרנס. לא שזו סיבה לזלזל ולהיות לא מקצועי, אבל זה ודאי מקשה על העובד להרגיש טוב ןלשדר את זה ללקוחותיו

    האם סדרת הפוסטים על טיסה-מלון-טיסה אומרת שחזרת ממסעותיך?

    • adisababa Says:

      i agree and understand
      my point is that once you decide to take the job, you can do it with a smile and try to be good at it.
      i have worked in many such jobs: street cleaner, dishwasher, security guard at the lobby of large buildings. i notice people who do such jobs more than the average guy. there are those who do it with spirit and a smile and those who do it in such a way that you will not smile

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