life from the other side of the pyramid

do you have a teenager at home?

wondering how to get her out of the post-modern world she lives in (h&m, iPhone, beverly hills 90210 – the new generation)?

wondering how to spend spring vacation with your kids in a meaningful, fun way that will not spoil them?

here is how one wondrful high-school junior (and his parents, i suspect) decided to address this slew of issues and blend it into a wonderful experience

i am excited about it, and if you are too, please support it:

Nittai Malchin is going to spend his spring vacation in Haiti

helping people of his age stay close to school and keep the education system alive.

he will play football with them, teach them how to use computers, and will learn what life looks like from the other side of the pyramid. haiti vs palo alto

if you want to support, donate, or learn about his experience, check out

it is about 2 months since haiti was in the news. convenient to forget.

i am a great believer in education. the more people in developing coutnries tht stay at schools and get edcuation, the better our world will be 20 years from now. especially women.

i am inspired by nittai, whom i do not know.

to do something with others, for others, at this age is, well, simply inspiring

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