a big dilemma

we have hot triple play. no HD yet.

it is a good practice to call them once a year and re-negotiate the extra packages: sports, HBO, kids…

will try it next week and update if anything good happens

a big issue for me is movies. who offers the best ones?

seems to me YES is the big winner here. HOT movie channels are abysmal. few countries or regions in the world offer such a shitty package for such a high price as HOT. same on them and the regulator who is supposed to protect us. VOD is better, but they can really improve the selection. and the selection process. it still takes about 20 movies for several people sitting around the living room to decide on a movie. and then someone falls asleep.

Magic is a wonderful product. Magic.

if you read haaretz movie recommendations every friday regarding what to record in the following week, for many many weeks in a row, most of the recommendations where exclusive to Yes with some movies shared on both HOT and YES at similar times or slight difference (Friday vs Saturday). this happens too often and also raises a question as to why. i have a sneaky feeling there is some coloration, or perhaps anti-trust issues involved, but i may be really ignorant on this matter. what do you think?

anyhow, this friday’s haaretz summary hasย  much more HOT movies than YES’. this is great! keep it up, HOT. do not stay HOT, stay hot.

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4 Responses to “HOT vs YES”

  1. Ran Arad Says:

    I’d be glad to hear the results of your re-negotiation. Since you have HOT triple-play, moving to YES will probably mean changing everything – not just your STB, but also your wireless router, and your phone number. This sounds to me like a high bar to cross. Also, rumors are they make it extra hard for one to move. Looking forward to hearing the developments!

  2. Zvi Says:

    If it’s HOT – do “FOO” ! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    ืื ื–ื” ืื—ื ืชืขืฉื• ืคื• !

    If HOT want to be real triple-play offering, they need to get better and more movies.
    Otherwise just get rid of cable TV business.

    I’m not happy with YES movies too. They repeating them to death.

    • adisababa Says:

      i agree in a big way
      it would be fun to be a ‘product manager’ for hot movies. i believe i can do a better job even on what seems to be a limited budget
      it seems to be outsourced to someone who just thinks about improving margins while slowly and continuously decreasing quality

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