Exciting football in israel?

Bayern Munich is in the champions league semi final

Hamburg is in the European league semi finals

both started the european season with Macabi Haifa and Hapoel tel-aviv in the same group and altogether were not much better. in the case of hapoel tel-aviv and hamburg, the israeli team may have actually been better. we beat them and were on top of the group

so maybe israeli football is not all that bad.

in addition, despite cutting half (the points) off, the end of the league is actually going to be very exciting. very exciting. i think the rule of cutting half the points is way too criticized.

perhaps not ‘fair’,  but exciting with 2 great teams giving great seasons end going head-to-head with a strong finish. that’s sports

still Hapoel’s season seems much greater.  it will be exciting to see how it ends


One Response to “Exciting football in israel?”

  1. Oren Maguid Says:

    Hi Adi,

    Not sure if you remember me, I used to work for you at Sphera. I still remember our football talk during one of our one-on-one meetings.

    I enjoy reading your blog!

    I just could not resist not posting once I saw one of the loves of my life’s name mentioned in your blog, it is non other than Hapoel Tel Aviv.

    We did well so far, hopefully I will be the happiest man in Tokyo in 1.5months from now.

    All the best.

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