Board Deck

Size of deck is inversely proportional to effectiveness of the package

when my companies get confused, lose focus, i get a very fat board package

i think the deck should be very consistent in its make up

and it should not be hard to produce the board deck, because it is the manifestation of how you run your business. most of the data is redundant to your daily and weekly dashboards

entering a confused board meeting raises the question of what the journey will be like

so i am left with the decision if i want to be on board or on deck?

4 Responses to “Board Deck”

  1. Ran Arad Says:

    Don’t you have a nice board deck on your porch?

  2. Ophir Kra-Oz Says:

    I guess it is as hard as creating a deck for the VC’s limited partners :). “Just” getting the current internal dashboards and manifest it to them.

    On a more serious note.

    It is hard because of the lack of standards. The only standard exists in accounting, so it is very easy for the CFO to present his data .
    It is always in the same format, no one can question how it is presented and internal and external data are the same.
    Accountants have been using them for centuries, and they are quite useful (the standards , not the accountants 🙂 ).

    We, as an industry, have no standard for product road map, competitive landscape, marketing results , customer happiness or even business models.

    Internally within a company the CEO can set his own standard.
    In a start-up board there are many smart people , each with their own preferences. Add this together and you get a large deck.

    It is sort of surprising that with all the business schools around, there are no good accepted standards for presentation of business status and plans.

    • adisababa Says:

      thanks for the feedback.
      as usual very insightful
      i agree that lack of standards are a problem
      there is a continuous need to build an alphabet, a language amongst the board members
      i still think we can come up with DOs and DONTs
      will try to write about them
      and would love your thoughts and that of others

  3. Ran Arad Says:

    הציבור דורש פוסט חדש!!!1

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