it is that time of the year

everything that has waited since the end of july is now coming back

it is the end of the holidays

and time to loose some weight

but it is also time to realize how to budget better

i am not talking just about personal budget

talking about startup budgets:

  • q3 is just another quarter.   NOT

back in December when it was time to plan a budget q3 looked very innocent. another quarter with 20% growth above q2. does that work for you?

well, in my portfolio and especially over the last 3 years, q3 has been very weak. and this year it affected almost every single company and in a big way. why?

  • this year, the Jewish holidays were in September and all of them were in September. crucial work was lost during the build up period of the last 4 weeks

more importantly

  • August is now a vacation month in the US, and not just in europe. while it is nice that we are learning from the french to rest and enjoy our families, it is important to realize that q3 may be as weak as q1 if not weaker.

personally i feel a bit ashamed as i tool a lot of vacation time this summer (mondial in south Africa with Gil, a wedding in the Philippines). but for those of you who work harder than me, and there are quite a few out there, please remember to plan for a weak q3, and come October you will be thankful.

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4 Responses to “Q3”

  1. Ran Arad Says:

    אני דווקא תכננתי להשתמש בתירוצי “אכלו לי שתו לי” אבל אני מניח שזה לא תופס 🙂

  2. Ohad Says:

    Now that I know you call it q3 I might think of it differently, or would I?

  3. Zeev Savion Says:

    This is the best quarter for Eu oriented R&D cooperation. In July, not less than 57 calls for proposals were open, with a cumulative budget of more than 500M Euro. I wish I could rest during Q3 🙂

  4. adisababa Says:

    i have been getting a lot of negative feedback about how other people were busy during q3. as you can tell, my q4 has not been slow so far. lots of exciting deals and not a moment to breathe

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