Spring Of ’69

here is a picture from my kindergarten. spring of 1969 if i am not mistaken

good education system

israel is high on its spirits.

1969 גן יחיאלה, רמת השרון

met gil eshet last night.

first time in about 35 years. he is on the second row from the top, second from right.

it was delightful

what you see are the same eyes, and the same smile on the edge of the lips. gil was always looking for a twist, doing something on the wild side, and with a smile.

it was so beautiful for me.

to be with a person who is so highly rooted in my early memories; a friend from age 3-12, and one class above.

and have a discussion with a deep chronological perspective but only early, fragile  intimacy.



4 Responses to “Spring Of ’69”

  1. Ran Arad Says:


  2. Yoav Leeran Says:

    Where are you in the picture. Who’s the kid with the black eye in the front and what’s his story?

  3. Sagi Rubin Says:

    I tried to guess which one you are… and got it right.
    Was easy – there’s one kid there that looks exactly like your son.

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