end of summer

it is the end of summer. school year is just around the corner.

football. some air to breathe. a new bag, 3 sharp pencils.

in our family it is time for a great barBQ with Limor’s brother’s family as all 3 boys’ birthdays are in the last week of august

so it is time for the long drive to a moshav in the Sharon plains.

Limor is driving. we pass by כלא הדרים, a prison nestled in the middle of many acres of citrus orchards.

From the back seat, Gil says “it is really not fair to call a jail כלא הדרים. it is like calling a kindergarten סוף הדרך or an old-age home גן עדן”.

end of summer. has that bitter taste.

now it is time to start something great, fresh, new


3 Responses to “end of summer”

  1. אורלי Says:

    כתבת יפה על הלך רוח. אפשר לבטא את זה בעברית ככה
    וזה, אותו דבר, באנגלית

    • adisababa Says:

      dear orly
      indeed it has been a while.
      your astute observations are highly welcomed. and indeed, i think your choice is better than mine
      misha segal and ehud manor
      with some great words
      אבל צילה שוב בצילי כמעט נוגע.
      הנה אנחנו שניים,
      שלובי צילי ידיים,
      מה עוד יכולתי לבקש?

  2. Ohad Says:

    It has been a long time, thank you for a lovely post wishing Shana Tova to the family

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