I pressed a button I did not intend
500 emails went out inviting older contacts I am not really in touch with to LinkIn.
Within 1 minute, 10 people accepted. the movement in the network. the signals coming back. I could visualize it.

Now I am learning about my new connections. Including my mom whom I have been avoiding as a facebook and LinkedIn contact for about 7 years. Hey, I love my mom. But I wanted to keep my facebook contacts to friends, not family, not a way to ‘watch my kids’ (Carmel is 20 today); my LinkedIn contacts to people I remember and am willing to help with a request and feel comfortable asking for help. While i am now connected to more people, I am concerned about the “noise” it can create

Linkedin is on fire right now. It has found great ways to grow.

Some product guy in LinkedIn thought it would be cool if they automatically find more people I know and join them to my network. I can learn from each and every new person I am now connected to. But will it be through LinkedIn? With a press of a button the whole way I look at the network of which I am a part has changed. Did LinkedIn really want that?
Intimacy has been lost. The village is now a city. That button I pressed accidentally has urbanized my network. I am connected to people I do not really know. Are they really my contacts? Are we really linked?

It will be interesting to see how this new network of contacts develops over time.
To my new contacts, hello. Welcome. Hope we can do great things together.

And as everyone gets reports who is now connected to whom, let the rumors begin.

Mom, I need a hug

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