great carpets

this is a list of references on sites and great carpets

a magazine, jozan

new England rug society. NERS is a collective of collectors. nice this is their links page


a magazine, a forum to sell great stuff, and a show


also a store in Arasta Bazaar, in the shadows of the Blue Mosque

Seref Ozen who is considered to be one of the foremost authorities in the world on Central Asian textiles and Cocoon has become synonymous with quality service among collectors around the world. He has exhibited at all the major tribal art shows around the world including:

the HALI fair in London

ACOR and San Francisco at the

Caskey Lees Tribal Art show every February.

marla mallett’s wonderful site

she has  a nice book out as well

Antique ethnographic Middle Eastern flatweaves are the focus of my gallery collection.  I hunt primarily for excellent 19th century textile art, including pieces for collectors with limited budgets. Within these parameters, I am selective: I want pieces with strong design, lustrous wools, beautiful clear colors and refined weaves. I want textile art that displays individuality and experimentation

here are carpets i liked from here collection:

Malatya Kilim w8343

Eastern Anatolia. Circa 1900

Wool. Slit tapestry. 46″x 74.” This dramatic kilim from Malatya Province is in excellent condition…..$1150

Reyhanli Kilim w8254

Eastern Anatolia. Mid 19th century

Wool. 5′ x 11’3.” Slit tapestry. This exceptional kilim is in excellent condition. $3700

Karapinar Kilim w7375

Central Anatolia. 1840-1850

Wool. 5’1x 14’4.” Slit tapestry. This very large early kilim is in excellent condition. The colors are very soft and subdued…..$4900

Obruk Cicim w7359

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