canon or nikon?

a religious war

i am a nikon guy. would love to spend more time as a photographer

much of my photography is due to my mentor and college body, Kevin Mullet. more about him, me and photograpy later

some good sites:

this guy is a pro, wise and knows the art

here is one of his classics. FART before you take a picture

the best book i have ever read on photography has to do with composition. especially color composition:

it is called ‘color design in photography‘ by Harald Mante. i got the soft cover after a few years of looking for it in the 80’s it was out fo print then, as it is now.

another good one out there is the photographer’s Eye by michael freeman

here is ken rockwell’s approach to the issue of composition

some tips:

do not take photo magazines too seriously. they are commercial. les is more in photography as in most things in life. buy good products and do not buy too many. do not look only at price. on both ends. the high and the low. many times they are traps or you will not use what you pay for. examples:

Resolution and ISO are silly numbers used to try to sell you more expensive cameras. after about 4MP it does not matter unless you are going to print posters. things that do matter are not advertised and rarely discussed. time until the shutter takes a photo. colors, performance in low light, can you zoom while you are in video mode?

looking for:

Nikon TC-20E II or TC-20 III out jan 2010 for $500, this means the IIs are no avialable used for $200

they seem to work well only on professional lenses: no zooms and f2.8 or lower.
1992-2001: Nikon’s first AF 2x teleconverter was called the TC-20E. It was marked “AF-I” for the only kind of lenses with which it worked when it was introduced. As Nikon introduced AF-S lenses, these converters worked perfectly, but innocent people were confused as to why it said AF-I instead of AF-S.
2001-Today: Nikon tweaked the cosmetics, changed the lettering to read “AF-S” and renamed it the TC-20E-II.
Nikon made about 20,000 of the original TC-20E, and as of 2008, has made about 15,000 of the newer TC-20E II.
Both converters are identical except for the name and trim. Both work with both AF-I and AF-S lenses.
I use the names TC-20E and TC-20E II throughout the text interchangeably. They are the same product.

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