Kevin Mullet

Kevin is in my heart

many times i hear Israelis say about american that they can not be friends like we can. i understand where that comes from. but i have Kevin. Since college.

he is part of the family by now. due to his love of sports and connecting with my brother Sagy. they are both so smart and have similar criticism about the world.

he is one of the worlds greatest visual designers. i wish israeli startups had the wisdom to work with him. Early. our products would be much easier to understand, use and deploy.

his book (of which he is a co-author, written back in the 80’s) is still probably one of the top 5 books ever on GUI design. the second edition is not as good as the first, which is out of print and outdated as much has changed. but it is still a great book.

Limor says Kevin is a genius

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