Moshe Bar

Moshe is a good friend.

it has been hard to stay in touch with 15 years on different continents. but in the last few years, we are able to take a weekend off, together every other year or so. it helps.

After 17 years, moshe and maria have moved back to israel. we are trying to accompany their fantastic voyage. now you can too, maria is writing a great blog.

Moshe is going to be in Bar-Ilan. head of the department for brain research i believe.

here is his wikipedia entry

welcome back and enjoy your stay!

Moshe just published a nice article in the Boston Globe magazine on why it is so hard to keep our New Year’s Resolution.

the F-16 paradigm

some more details:

professor of cognitive neuroscience (brain combined with psychology).  started in computer science (primarily AI and semantic networks). lives in boston but visits israel regularly. Now, there reverse is true.

his expertise is in associations, context and predictions (
has been consulting to advertising companies a little (e.g., Digitas), and even published an article for advertisers in Advertising Age (november last year). a little more serious stuff that is still directly linked to advertising and marketing can be found here:
his only downside is his shoe size:14, and that his shoes are fake, genuine leather.

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  1. moshe bar Says:

    sad reality.

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