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carmel fire

December 12, 2010

a lot can be said about the terrible fire last week

but pictures are louder than words

so, here is an interesting photobook done by

which is an interesting site on its own


April 21, 2010

always wanted to visit IceLand (Island in some languages)

always seemed a pristine place. hard working people, basic values: simple.

simple. simple!

unlike Israel, where things are complex.

today Danny sent me this quote:

“First Iceland burnt our money, now they are sending us the ashes”.

not so simple any more


March 1, 2010

The grueling event of getting through the day consuming only things that are good for you.

welcome to my new diet:

no sugar, no wheat and cereals, no milk and cheese. no wine!

especially difficult, no coffee

i still try to drink one, once a week

otherwise, i really miss it


February 9, 2010

plastics is not only the future

(boy, i liked that movie -the graduate. for its music, its promise and pressure of the future, and for its lack of predictability. and a great depiction of a great time period)

it is also an answer to a deep philosophical question:

why are we here?

George Carlin – Saving the Planet

green hotels

November 16, 2009

Ever got one of those ‘consider the environment’ cards while staying at an hotel? usually it is on your hotel bed or next to the sink in the hotel bath room asking you to consider mother earth?
And unless you throw the towels in the toilet or write a note on the linen they will not be changed?

Ever saw a hotel:

  • Offer you a $1per day discount for accepting a different standard than contracted, reducing their costs, or making earth a better place?
  • Offer you to watch a free movie (minimal variable costs) instead?
  • Offer to make a  donation to a green charity for the costs saved?

Meeting point

November 6, 2009

I love train stations
A micro-cosmos that is alive
It is a city within a city
Ever saw a meeting point sign?
This is where people are supposed to meet. Neat.

meeting point images

Doing eurail during two separate summers made me realize the beauty in rail travel
Into the center of a city, overnight couchette, sleeping with strangers
Mass transit, effecient, a network, clockwork green

Train stations vs airports
Fiat 500 vs cadillac fleetwood

Trains are green
They make cities walking friendly vs parking friendly (is there such a thing?)
The opposite of american sprawl

Grand central in nyc is a landmark
You still see tourists taking a photo in the central hall
A view into the past; But, making a revival.

(in previous post i claimed the city is where you go to see the future. well you can go to the city to see the past, too)


For the best coffee in nyc, go to Joe’s coffee
Opposite track 11 or so, close to the Lexington ave entrance

You will not believe starbucks drink is called coffee, too
Joe’s is located in a small hole
There is most always a long line
And they take cash only

(a bit like the soup nazi)

TED synapse

July 23, 2009

after a few days at TED, here are my key takeaways:

  • the power of music. No matter how much you love music, i still think it is an under-rated power. a creative medium, that bri ngs people together and is a great channel of communication with young people across cultures. if i hate them so much, how come i do not hate their music?
  • deterioriation of the environment. we are consuming more than we are providing. even if you are not a believer in climate change, you can still reduce your ‘carbon footprint’ and help reach balance in more ways than one
  • education is the solution. if there is one place to invest to improve the world, it is in education. especially for women in the developing nations. these women will help their kids get education as well. most problems, when reduced and distilled, come down to education.

more later

this summer

July 20, 2009

noticed how every day this summer is ‘hotter than normal for the season’?


November 11, 2008

i think bottled water is very not green. i use fiji water as an example of bad american consumer values.

think how much energy is wasted transporting the bottle to the american consumer, and treating the bottle post consumption. bottled water is

  • convenient.
  • mobile,
  • clean,
  • much better for us than soda

but, why not carry a bottle and refill it?

take a look at

key takeaway:

  • fiji water claims to be carbon negative. full life-cycle not including post consumer disposal. Scope 3, not just 1&2. means business travel, sales people, and consequences of activities.
  • reforestation in fiji = 120% of carbon footprint. so active offset, not marketplace footprint.


barbara chang. fiji water. 20% of exports from fiji. roll international (resnick) bought fiji water in 2004. they also own. POM (pomgrenade in snowmen shaped bottles)

#1 in market share. 2% of market. small in the market, big in their local.

scope 1&2. not accounting for consequences means under-reporting by 80%. 4x?. there is a CMU study on this.

total emmisons: 86K tonnes CO2 eq:

23% ocean, 20% bottling, 3% trucking to port, 29% raw material, 3% packaging, 17% distribution, 2% consumptiion, 3% SGA,

trucking is 7x ocean. rail is 2x ocean.

1l bottle of fiji = 573 gms of co2 = backing a batch of cookies

today -115 = turning a laptop off for the night

788 european glass water

2650 75-ml bottle of wine

1120 30z sashimi

4350 4oz cheeseburger

4980 8 oz organic steak

8300 8 oz conventional steak

where do we get such a chart?