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March 11, 2010

we all know criticism can be lethal

especially in large doses

i need to improve on this front

Moshe, my dear friend, sent this over:

on the wall at the Schechter School (btw, i graduated from Schechter school in Chicago – class of 78 (reflections of the future) :

what have you done for me lately?

November 8, 2009

The NY Yankees win the World series in 6 games

mitsui is the MVP. of course, 6 RBIs in the winning game. Mitsui, the mvp, is the first japanese born player to win the title. we are becoming globalized.

notice the following:

  • MVP is in the winning team (which i think should often be the case, but it seems to be ALWAYS the case, at least lately).
  • the MVP of the series is actually the MVP of the last game.

how about Alex Rodriguez, or Rivera? A rod was pivotal in two pivotal games, especially game 4. and Rivera was part of every win.

it seems to me the underlying reason is the ‘recency effect‘:

  • we place more importance on the latest occurrence than we should.
  • we ask people what they have done for us lately, forgetting what they have done for us in the past.
  • in the compilation of the best songs in the past 50 years, or the best movies,  songs and movies from the last year or so get a dis-proportional weight.

call mom or dad and say ‘thank you’.


happy new year

September 21, 2009

it is the start of the new year

and with it, new year’s resolutions

this is from Daniella London Dekel, well known for Chamudi

happy new year

new year resolution daniella london

if i will get requests, i will attempt translating this


August 6, 2009

10 years ago i had a plan

i had just finished INSEAD, considered a top MBA school, and perhaps the best out-side the USA, home of Capitalism.

MBA is where you learn to swim with sharks, taught that the purpose or raison d’etre of a company is to create shareholder value, and success is measured by numbers. usually with the ‘$’ in front of the number.

by contrast, at the Yale World Fellows Program, people are measured another way.

much simpler

how much have you helped others.

anyhow, learning marketing and as a young MBA, i came up with a personal development program, and i even branded it: “10 x 10”

work like a dog for 10 years and make $10M

it is now 10 years later. (actually more). and i can report that i get high grades. i did work like a dog for 10 years.

so much for long term planning.

i guess setting the right goals may matter more.

or perhaps the goal is not to have goals?

looking for my 10×10 plan, i ran into an email i sent in 1998, trying to report to a long lost friend about my top 10 events in the 10 year 1988-1998

it is fun to make such a list and recommend that you do as well

i will try to make one up for 1999-2009 in a future post.

anyhow,  here is the list from July, 1998

Top ten events of last 10 years:

10. Summer eve, eating watermelon, after 3 World Cup soccer games and game 6 of

the 1998 NBA finals in one day (june 14, 1998). Our responsibility as sports fans sometimes is

just too demanding.

9. A week in Tuscany. living in a rented room with the locals. one hill away

from San Giminaiano. by the pool side. Drinking the house made Chianti (=$2),

reading a book . Knowing a great dinner is ahead after several hours in Siena during the bi-annual horse race, The Palio

8. Getting into INSEAD (fontainebleau, France =MBA) on the day i was told i must undergo a back surgery as a dislocated disc was harming the nerves leading to my left leg.

7. Ski in Val D’Isere with friends. great white slopes, blue skies, silence (despite a back surgery 18 month earlier)

6. The sand sea and sun of the Mediterranean sea, the colors, sounds and scents

of open-air markets, the dreams, hopes and laughs of night time conversation

with friends

5. working in Venture Capital

4. 1997 – france

3. the first 3 hours of Jan 17th (?). 1991 when Sadam bombed us. was in the bathroom

with Limor believing for a while that when we walk out alive, most people will not.

2. birth, living with and friendship with 6.5 years old daughter – Carmel

1. sharing my life  with Limor.

birth of child number two (yuval-girl, 4 years old) and number 3 (gil – boy – 6


jazz is negotiation

October 13, 2008

michael wheeler, HBS

for his articles, press here. including ethics, rules change, and credibility

key takeaways:

emotions are contagious. they  also reinforce themselves. smiling makes you happy

’emotional wake’ the after-taste, what people remember after you left.

likeability‘ can be learned. based on four traits: friendliness, relevance (do you connect on interests or needs?), empathy and “realness” (genuineness or authenticity).


how can people who do not know each other create music together. is there a paradigm here. jazz is negotiation

two anxious people could connect positively as well


emotions are not mood.

youtube rushmore bill murry herman meets max’s brother

they are used for interpersonal

are we good at interpreting emotions?  trying to understand what others are feeling is difficult

seven universal emotions:

sadness, anger,surprise, fear, happiness

what about ‘nachat’ and ‘simcha l’ed’?

look at plutchik circumplex

good negotiator needs to be in 2 places both time. center stage, involved, engaged and on he balcony, observing. this cultivates curiosity, calm, creativity

book: ‘beyond reason‘, fisher shapiro: appreciation, affiliation, autunomy, status, role (identity). worth a visit

damasio: descartes’ error

emotions may disable decision-making but enable creativity

book: emotionally contagious

darren brown youtube russian scam.

book: fierce conversations. creating negative memory and positive emotions. very relevant about me:

“As a leader, in stressful circumstances, you may make
an off-hand, negative comment that might devastate someone who works for you.
Sometimes, you may not even be aware of the impact that your words have had.  Often, you
forget the incident, but the recipient can recall your words verbatim.  And long after he or
she has left your company, they will remember the negative psychological experience that
was created.”
book: Likeability factor.

adi’s emphasis/bias:


feel fun, (not calm) not anxious. calm is over rated.


use breaks. silence is over used.

prepared – backwards induction. personal research.

trust your emotions


about me, emotional afterglow, vs aftermath