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stop the non*sense

August 5, 2014

Which player would you want on your team?

rodrigues 2-0 vs uruguai


















it is the 2nd year in a row that i prefer the Real Madrid Vs. Barca decisions:

not ready to switch sides.

but sometimes the home team is paying a dear price.





Barca Loses, Barca Loses, Barca Loses!

April 29, 2010

it is still difficult to comprehend.

why has so much happiness for so many people been erased?


and i thought that 2nd goal, 3 minutes from time, was real

and i am disappointed. boy, the grief. and to watch it with my child, with his grief.

90 minutes of pain and anxiety.

Mourinho is a genius and disgraceful. both. at the same time; and to the extreme.

who is going to watch the final?

do you love your job?

April 28, 2010

do you have a dream job?

Being a sports announcer can be a fun job

you get to see you favorite teams in some of their greatest moments.

does not sound bad.

i am sure it has its dull moments as well. many days and nights away from home. many disappointments. many moments when not much happens.

but if you love your team, your job, your mission, it does not really matter.

take a look at Carlo Alvoni, announcer for Napoli football team and a fan for the team.

first question, does he love his job?

you do not need to understand italian. and if the beginning is boring jump to 3:00

this one may be more convincing

next question, do you love your job?

Exciting football in israel?

April 11, 2010

Bayern Munich is in the champions league semi final

Hamburg is in the European league semi finals

both started the european season with Macabi Haifa and Hapoel tel-aviv in the same group and altogether were not much better. in the case of hapoel tel-aviv and hamburg, the israeli team may have actually been better. we beat them and were on top of the group

so maybe israeli football is not all that bad.

in addition, despite cutting half (the points) off, the end of the league is actually going to be very exciting. very exciting. i think the rule of cutting half the points is way too criticized.

perhaps not ‘fair’,  but exciting with 2 great teams giving great seasons end going head-to-head with a strong finish. that’s sports

still Hapoel’s season seems much greater.  it will be exciting to see how it ends

the most important event of the week

March 3, 2010

whats wrong with football/soccer?

what the one thing you hate the most?

i am not talking in israel. the football association. ah.., rotten. but that’s not the topic of this post.

Lior Z my friend first whispered it to me 20 years ago:

what if offsides rule in football(aka soccer) would be scraped?

at first i thought it was sacrilegious,

then fell in love with it

Sagy my brother has “proven” to me that it would be a bad change.

years have passed, the quarrel continuous in a way just Sagy and i can argue.

my point is this:

  • why let the referee(s) destroy the game? many games have wrong offside calls. there is no way a human can call offside situations correctly. the eye is just slower than the ball
  • i believe it would increase goal rate. if this is correct, fans would like it better

Sagy, to my surprise disagreed many years ago, and true to his color, he still disagrees

he just wrote Kevin, our college friend and me, that:

“You might get what you have been asking for, see”

“For the record, I think that scrapping the offside rule will hurt the game, at the very least, teams will keep more players behind the ball and might even have 1-2 player stay all the way back at all times.”

i say


let the change occur


February 21, 2010

i think handball is a great sport

a lot of the beauty of football(soccer), with the action of basketball. could be a great family outing.

all of the guys i ever met who played handball seriously were great fun and with wide shoulders.

why is it not more popular?

when you youtube “handball” you get theiri henri’s handball vs Ireland to qualify for the mondial. sad.

here is an amazing goal i urge you to watch (45 seconds. at least watch from 30th second).  it is in the african cup 2010 semifinal game between Baharin and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). game tied 25 each.  last few seconds. KSA has the ball and is attacking.the clip start post game

if you watched only the last 15 seconds, now is the time to replay from start


ולפאר מדינת ישראל – peer to peer

February 19, 2010

how about shachar peer!

wonderful results

alone, in a foreign country, with 16 body guards.

last year Dubai authorities did not let her in

this year, the event organizers tried to sideline her – but she is the Center of attention

no fake passports, and she is still executing

her ability to take the hostility of the crowd and organizers and turn it to positive energy is incredible. an important skill every entrepreneur should desire. and in my opinion a skill that can be learned.

when the saints, go marching in

February 9, 2010

a few thoughts about superbowl XLIV:

  • it is a new American holiday. similar to thanksgiving 400 years ago. thank you for america, for capitalism, for sports.  my parents were hosting yesterday. my parents. sports…
  • in the ESPN international broadcast they said “from Miami, FL, USA”. not often you would hear Americans state a location  in the format of city, state, country. it is a sport with great international following. still, to call the winners the world champions. doesn’t the American champions suffice?
  • if you had to expand the brand how would you do it? a non US team? a longer season? NBA –  an 82-game season before a long playoff seem crazy too.
  • even if you wanted the saints to win, you did not give yourself a chance to believe in it
  • it is a great redemption for those seating in the stadium with bags on their faces a few years back. the saints winning a play-off game? just 2 in 42 years and i think both were in 2006
  • reminds  me of the stories 40 years ago of super bowl iv and how KC won despite the vikings being heavy favorites. sean payton is a bit like hank stram

sean payton superbowl XL IV champs head coach

hank stram superbowl IV champs head coach

  • no NFL season MVP has won the Superbowl.
  • manning in 4th quarter was not what you expected. the quarter started colts 17 saint 16, colts with the ball and manning completing a 15 yard pass to about mid field. drive ended in missed field goal. talk about change in momentum
  • wasn’t this the superbowl with the least turnovers (1) (and sacks – 1) in a long time?

answer: turnovers:

this one had 1. record is 0

Buffalo vs. N.Y. Giants, XXV
St. Louis vs. Tennessee, XXXIV

sacks – hard to find an answer

  • i did believe that if the saints will score 30 or more they will win
  • XLIV – some kids tell me they had to learn Roman Numerals
  • seems that to be a true champion, you have to adjust your game and to control momentum. momentum does not just swing wildly. champions learn to use it
  • drew brees was not good enough for SD chargers and a ‘maybe’ for Miami dolphins before the saints took a chance on him. they were 3-13 in 2005.
  • let Mardi Gras begin. it never really ends

NFL in Israel

January 17, 2010

thanks god for ESPN in israel. and METV and FOX

and for the great NFL games we are watching this year and past few years. capped by great superbowls, too.

hey, we are half a world away and get 5 games a week live. the promised land.

then again, maybe it is because we are half a world away.

anyhow, with the exception of METV showing once in a while live, quality, ole’ fashion American advertisements, the other channels, including METV, and especially ESPN just show the same 5 commecrcials throughout a 3.5 h0urs broadcast. and they are n0t that fun to watch.

not the israeli tennis center, not the ole aunion bag answering the same fan mail from Zimbabwe, and not ali defeating frazier for the 230th time this week. hats off to espn for some  great self promoting ads (i would put a link to them, but espn decided to block them on you tube for my country)

how difficult would it be for a brand like ESPN to load more ads per broadcast? or just try to make it interesting? are they not really causing some brand dilution in this case?

my point is take a great product, package it poorly, and the experience for the end user is good, but not great

Not Likely

December 28, 2009

Ever faced a situation where chances for a good outcome existed, but not really?

yet miracles can happen, right?

here is what needs to happen for the jacksonville jaguars to make it to the NFL play-offs

Jacksonville can clinch a playoff spot with:

  • a win (vs. Cleveland) and a Pittsburgh loss (vs. Miami) and a Baltimore loss (vs. Oakland) and a Denver loss (vs. Kansas City) and a Houston loss (vs. New England) OR
  • a win and a Pittsburgh loss and a Baltimore loss and a Denver loss and a N.Y. Jets loss (vs. Cincinnati) OR
  • a win and a Pittsburgh loss and a Baltimore loss and a Houston loss and a N.Y. Jets loss OR
  • a win and a Pittsburgh loss and a Denver loss and a Houston loss and a N.Y. Jets loss OR
  • a win and a N.Y. Jets loss and a Denver loss and a Houston loss and a Baltimore loss

good luck

i much prefer the denver broncos chances:

Denver can clinch a playoff spot with:

  • a win (vs. Kansas City) and a N.Y. Jets loss loss or tie (vs. Cincinnati) and a Baltimore loss or tie (vs. Oakland) OR
  • a win and a N.Y. Jets loss or tie and a Pittsburgh loss or tie (vs. Miami) OR
  • a win and a N.Y. Jets loss or tie and a Houston win (vs. New England) OR
  • a win and a Baltimore loss or tie and a Pittsburgh loss or tie OR
  • a win and a Baltimore loss or tie and a Houston win OR
  • a Pittsburgh loss and a Baltimore loss and a Houston loss and a Jacksonville loss (vs. Cleveland) OR
  • a Pittsburgh loss and a Baltimore loss and a Houston loss and a N.Y. Jets loss OR
  • Pittsburgh loss and a Baltimore loss and a Jacksonville loss and a N.Y. Jets loss OR
  • Pittsburgh loss and a Houston loss and a Jacksonville loss and a N.Y. Jets loss OR
  • Miami loss or tie (vs. Pittsburgh) and a N.Y. Jets loss and a Baltimore loss and a Houston loss and a Jacksonville loss or tie