Israeli art

like israeli wines, i love israeli art

young artists, before they are well known if possible,

buying young art is a way of giving back

in general, israeli art is exciting, alive and up’n coming. too strong?

sotheby’s has a big auction on dec 15, 2010

secret art 5 is now taking  place

good sites

fresh paint. a great way of connecting art and the community

another great art event usually in mid december is secret art. i love it

events and a collection of non-prime artists

another nice attempt at democratization of art in israel is orchid

great art projects


alfred gallery

art factroy bat yam

hagaf, haifa

this seems like a great site for cultural and art reviews called מארב




Our collection

recently purchased, and have not yet received!

vered ahronovitz

nathalie alony and her sardines will hopefully become a classic. you can view her at work

and a great link in redesign, an interesting sit

pajursky roy רועי פיורסקי

pajursky roy 2007

you can read about  some of his art here, or connect through saachi

saw some of his art in ilana goor museum lately. made me smile

we have some of her cypress

liat  green

an exhibit, 50 dunam, from 2006

her painting of abie nathan

i believe she is participating in secret art 2010

more about her here

hagit shahal


hagit shahal sleep 2008

alex tubis

about his first solo exhibition and the paintings

a font he invented, אופטמיסט

and an exhibition in gallery irrgang leipzig, germany,

more well known

lea nickel


about‘ in art from israel.

a painting of her? by שטרייכמן

lea nickel, composition, 1990

lea nickel 169 12
1918 – 2005
Composition, 1990,
Acrylic on canvas, 66X66 cm.
Signed and dated.



kupferman 1926-2003 untitled 1985

1926 -2003
Moshe Kupferman
Untitled, 1985,
Oil on canvas, 60X73 cm.
Signed and dated.

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