haring swatchs


Swatch Modele Avec Personnages  –  GZ100 1506/9999

Swatch Modele Avec Personnages  –  GZ100 3307/9999

haring 1984 Swatch Squiggly  –  LR104

Swatch SFMOMA( Magic Show)  –  SKK106PACK4


MIB unnumbered out of/1000

The Keith Haring SF MOMA Exhibition was from May 8 – September 8, 1998

bought but have not received:

Mille pattes


1985 haring breakdance


ours is with poster (does not seem original). because it is in glass display hard to see the 755/9999

It is often called a Keith Haring, but from what I understand it was designed by Schmidt Muller, and based on a POSTER designed by Keith Haring commemorating the first International Breakdance Competition at the Roxy in 1985. I believe it was limited to 9999 pieces.
xrated cult

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