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can’t anyone here play this game?

October 15, 2008

quote from 1962 mets coach, Casey Stengel. lost over 120 games

NGOs are not well run

key takeaways:

organization must make path to management short. not until you are 50

subscription as a revenue source. what do they get in return? how do you make it effecient.


too much time on governance issues.

over layered. too many committees. take too much time. 65%. time to innovate?

labor intensive approach to decisions.


roles and responsibilites not defines

‘set the tone’ employees look for leadership of which they are proud.

board school.

measuring effectiveness. on projects, good job. on organization, not so

formal ceo evaluation. critical, well defined and understood

modeling behavior – non hostile behavior

are boards enabled by the staff? staff needs also to create friction. if they do not disagree, boards perpetuate their power

donors on the board? if they are experts, yes? o/w perhaps advisory board