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man for all seasons

November 17, 2008

a man for all seasons is a 1954 play by robert bolt.

The plot is based on the true story of Saint Thomas More, the 16th-century Chancellor of England, who helps to endorse or denounce King Henry VIII’s wish to divorce his aging wife Catherine of Aragon, who could not bear him a son, so that he could marry Anne Boleyn, the sister of his former mistress. The play portrays More as a man of principle, envied by rivals such as Thomas Cromwell and loved by the common people and by his family.

Bolt himself was an agnostic and a socialist, and thus he presumably admired More not because he identified with More’s religious beliefs, but rather with his refusal to bend to the will of the king.

key takeaways:

  • building institutional trust. slow, painful, but worthwhile
  • the answer to events you can not prepare for, depend on your value system
  • Tylenol case: success by not listening to lawyers
  • when the success spiral is broken
  • measure yourself by the line between your words, deeds and values. is it straight?



obama and mcCain

both from common roots, breakaway, inspirtation. suffering and redemption.

hero myth in cultural relativism. is it not overdone? too individualistic? what about the systemic problems. overplay of individuals and cliches. messianic appointments. short-termism. individual branding. celebrating the leaders. lesson of Candide, ‘cultivate your own garden’.

managing in crises. leaders caught up in their ceos brands.

tarnished brands: BP, Whole foods, yum brands, coca cola doug eivester, raytheon

vs. enhanced brands:

J&J Tylenol joined individual identity and that of the brand, mattel lead in toys, china david eckert. Southwest, jet blue COO valentine’s day 27 shows with apologies. fired the CEO while doing everything right and david barger became COO. UPS.

lots of time spent on Tylenol case.

  • legacy
  • research, facts
  • join regulators and competitors
  • set high goals, visibility, told what he knew along the way

leaders: the urge to create

  • net producer. contributor
  • apart from the crowd
  • immortal legacy

charismatic leadership

  • personal dynamism
  • authenticity
  • empathy
  • accountability

how come dragon slayers become in later career the dragons themselves

anne mulcahy. xerox.