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The killing Fields

July 27, 2009

Sent: Tue May 27  2008

We are in cambodia
First impressions of siep ream:
Much poorer than vietnam
Less motorcycles
People are darker, less beautiful, and follow an older form of budhism – they are more like the thai and the VNs are more like chinese

More moskitos and malaria
We already got beaten

Hotel is nicest wehave had so far

At the airport the laugh level in cambodia is already up- much more than the water – it is the end of the dry season and the lake is mud
We change money than take some dollars on our visa account.
Idan is not happy with some $ bills he got. They are old. He had this problem all trip long as he got some old dollars from under the matress and noone wants them. Even kids in rural villages. So the girl tells him the old $ he got are the bills he gave her 5 minutes ago when the common pot exchanged money
So he is rejecting the bills we just gave them
6 people start laughing

for photos, press here