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Bangkok, Oriental setting

July 27, 2009

And the city don’t know that the city is getting

sent: Jun 01 2008 – 11:44pm

bankok for 2 nights
Very nice hotel – thanks idan
At this point in time, bankok and I did not connect well

It was too much for me, and no relaxation, and fake, fake fake
Tuk tuk sir? Lady boom boom? Pussy Ping pong?
Haaa much you pay? 650. Ok? 100? Ya clazy?
And you are different, and are small, and many do not talk english, even cab drivers, and negotiation is with out air conditioning and without a smile. The city don’t stop and its a mix, and its amazing, and fake fake fake.

And hard to digest, and street food cooked and the sweat is on and the dirt beneath and a mother with child, on her knees because she see’s you. Can you spare a dime? Is that 10. Baht or 100? Neon, florescent, leds, on-off behind the glass, in the stall, and westerners walking, with beer, and great bodies and electronics and internet cafe and beit habad and 7/11 are really popular here

And the air is dirty, did our tuk tuk. 50 baht, 4 sites, one hour and less than 2$ and the driver waits in each site. It is hot and sticky and the air is dirty.

The city has changed. From gaza to gaza elite. Skytrain and skyways. It is a huge city 10 km from one area to another. And we are popular. And people constantly touch us and want to sell us stuff we don’t need at prices we don’t want. Fake fake fake. And girls of the street think we are cute. And they are small. The butt is tight. Some of their faces are from another world. They touch us and smile at us and sell us beer and clap their hands and laugh with us. We are over-aged over wealthy western men

Some things here are cheap some are expensive. Most are fake fake fake.

I freed 5 birds in a Buddhist temple and a Buddhist monk was collecting money at 2 am as you walk out of a club.Corn? I love corn, not fake. An elephant in the middle of the street. Not fake. A 10 year old girl selling flowers at 3 am in front of a club, not fake..
We bought a camera. Iris needed one. We bought 3. Mbk. Hard to negotiate. Canon sd 1000. Like a cigarette box. Back to basics. Great format, great menu, great shots. All the stores have the same price. And bags and burberry and boss. Luis vitton, prada, lowes bags and jeans, calvin klein. Haa much ya pay? Fake fake fake
Agressive, what you want haa much you pay. Loud music, traffic not moving, taxis waiting, no willing to turn on meter. fake cigrattes, lots of beer too much alcohol.

This is what happens when capitalism meets no rules and very poor people. Too much, not simple, amazing energy, all senses on overload
Like Thai massage at first it hurts, too much and for too long – can you go softer on the muscles? – and then it reaches an equilibrium, and some of it is nice and when it is over you wish you had more

the bridge at the edge fo the earth

October 15, 2008

discussion with author on his book, the bridge at the edge of the earth

can capitalism sustain the environment? can the environment sustain capitalism?

key takeaways:

  • why ‘green’s are not effective: change from within the system will not work. must change the system.
  • we live in corpo-tacracy – corporates rule.
  • GDP as a poor measure of progress: growth in money supply can be reflective of a loss of well-being: that lacks of essential natural and social services were being paid for in cash and that this was expanding the economy but degrading life
  • the ability of nature to provide services
  • US would be much more secure if it had half the power.
  • over-silo specialization creates ineffectiveness and experts with no common space. this can have a spillover effect to private-public sphere. fudraising could be a reason for a multitude of 1-casue organizations. this survival by fragmentation, differentiation and niche development causes inefficiency and inter-broker co-ordination problems resulting in incoherency.


must see movie documentary. ‘the corporate’. corporates are sociopaths. book by UBC professor bakan. read review. if corporate was a person it would be:

    • Irresponsible – it puts others at risk in pursuit of its own goals.
    • Manipulative – it manipulates people an opinion in pursuit of its goals
    • Grandiose – it always insisting that it is the best
    • Reckless – it refuses to accept responsibility for its actions
    • Remorseless – it cannot feel remorse
    • Superficial – it relates to others always in a way that does not reflect their true selves
    • Put this all together, and you have a psychopath.


only major success to today is CFC

ozone was depleted greatly before that effect was discovered, and it was discovered by accident.

Key terms and ideas:

Leiserowitz, values attitude and behavior discuss five value required for sustainability and has some good graphs and notions

the genuine progress indicator (GPI). modify gdp according to welfare.

  • The GDP vs the GPI is analogous to the difference between the Gross Profit of a company and the Net Profit; the Net Profit is the Gross Profit minus the costs incurred. Accordingly, the GPI will be zero if the financial costs of crime and pollution equal the financial gains in production of goods and services, all other factors being constant.
  • if policymakers measure what really matters to people—health care, safety, a clean environment, and other indicators of well-being—economic policy would naturally shift towards sustainability.

According to Lawn’s model (no wiki, University of Southern Australia), the “costs” of economic activity include the following potential harmful effects:

  • Cost of resource depletion
  • Cost of crime
  • Cost of ozone depletion
  • Cost of family breakdown
  • Cost of air, water, and noise pollution
  • Loss of farmland
  • Loss of wetlands

income vs capital depletion

Hicks (1946) pointed out that the practical purpose of calculating income is to indicate the maximum amount people can produce and consume without undermining their capacity to produce and consume the same amount in the future. From a national income perspective, it is necessary to answer the following question: ‘‘Can a nation’s entire GDP be consumed without undermining its ability to produce and consume the same GDP in the future?’’

enjoyment of life vs production of goods

Fisher (1906) contended that “economic welfare depends on the psychic enjoyment of life,” not just the production of goods.

an interesting measure of environmentally friendly countries is misnamed – happy planet index. take a look at rankings. surprising. perhaps we should travel to countries according to this index.