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stop the non*sense

August 5, 2014

Which player would you want on your team?

rodrigues 2-0 vs uruguai


















it is the 2nd year in a row that i prefer the Real Madrid Vs. Barca decisions:

not ready to switch sides.

but sometimes the home team is paying a dear price.




Quilt your job

April 23, 2010

this blog is a re-post from seth godin, author, agent of change, entrepreneur. i would like to be a bit like him.

he is one of the few blogs i read on a regular basis.


  • they are short
  • they make you see regular things in a different lite
  • they help promote change in the working place, in how to market internally and in how to create better products

here is one of his latest blog posts:

“i quilt”

When you’ve had enough, can’t tolerate your job any longer and are ready to quit, perhaps you could try one last thing.

Quilt instead.

You’ve got nothing to lose, right? I mean, you’re going to quit anyway, so what’s the worst that could happen to you?

So quilt. Spend hours every day integrating the people you work with into a cohesive group. Weave in your customers as well. Take every scrap, even the people you don’t like, and sew them together. Spend far less time than you should on the ‘real’ work and instead focus on creating genuine connections with the people you work with. Including your boss. After all, once you quit, you’re never going to see them again anyway, right? Might as well give it a try.

Careful… it might change everything.

life from the other side of the pyramid

April 7, 2010

do you have a teenager at home?

wondering how to get her out of the post-modern world she lives in (h&m, iPhone, beverly hills 90210 – the new generation)?

wondering how to spend spring vacation with your kids in a meaningful, fun way that will not spoil them?

here is how one wondrful high-school junior (and his parents, i suspect) decided to address this slew of issues and blend it into a wonderful experience

i am excited about it, and if you are too, please support it:

Nittai Malchin is going to spend his spring vacation in Haiti

helping people of his age stay close to school and keep the education system alive.

he will play football with them, teach them how to use computers, and will learn what life looks like from the other side of the pyramid. haiti vs palo alto

if you want to support, donate, or learn about his experience, check out

it is about 2 months since haiti was in the news. convenient to forget.

i am a great believer in education. the more people in developing coutnries tht stay at schools and get edcuation, the better our world will be 20 years from now. especially women.

i am inspired by nittai, whom i do not know.

to do something with others, for others, at this age is, well, simply inspiring

SFO airtrain

April 2, 2010

The SFO airtrain is a big savior

What a change from their previous dumb buses

Connectivity to terminals is, well, not european: you need to go up, then down, then an elevator, then you can feel as if you are in a civilized, mass transit aware urban center. while you are going to the 5th floor of the parking lot  thru the basement the signage system is also, well, american. not consistent, not fun to look at, not obvious.

i still love the airtrain.  I love the vocals and sounds
‘Please hold on. Please set luggage carts brake to ‘on”
For me, its a lullaby

the most important event of the week

March 3, 2010

whats wrong with football/soccer?

what the one thing you hate the most?

i am not talking in israel. the football association. ah.., rotten. but that’s not the topic of this post.

Lior Z my friend first whispered it to me 20 years ago:

what if offsides rule in football(aka soccer) would be scraped?

at first i thought it was sacrilegious,

then fell in love with it

Sagy my brother has “proven” to me that it would be a bad change.

years have passed, the quarrel continuous in a way just Sagy and i can argue.

my point is this:

  • why let the referee(s) destroy the game? many games have wrong offside calls. there is no way a human can call offside situations correctly. the eye is just slower than the ball
  • i believe it would increase goal rate. if this is correct, fans would like it better

Sagy, to my surprise disagreed many years ago, and true to his color, he still disagrees

he just wrote Kevin, our college friend and me, that:

“You might get what you have been asking for, see”

“For the record, I think that scrapping the offside rule will hurt the game, at the very least, teams will keep more players behind the ball and might even have 1-2 player stay all the way back at all times.”

i say


let the change occur

2011 crash?

February 3, 2010

what if like many earthquakes , at first there is a tremor, some damage, recovery, smiles and then the big hit.

what if the financial crises of 2008, recovery in 2009 with smiles in 2010 results in a big crises in 2011.


a bit morbid

but, important to analyze.

Kevin, my good friend sent this over. when kevin asks you to read something, a good portion of the time, you really want to read it. kevin is blessed with outside-of-the box thinking, contrarian point of view, blended with down-to-earth smarts, and the ability to think different and say it.

i think you should read this . (un?) likely but plausible


“Over any extended period of time, no economy can be prosperous if the government is

  • overspending,
  • raising tax rates,
  • printing too much money,
  • over-regulating, and
  • restricting international trade.

It’s really as simple as that. Especially when the U.S. economy appears to have “green shoots”, it’s imperative to remember the U.S. economy cannot have prosperity given the policies of the Obama administration and Congress”


During 2010 the economy will continue to improve, growing by more than 4%.

By the end of 2010 the unemployment rate could fall to as low as 7.0% and the Obama Administration will be busting with pride and conceit. And then 2011 will enter center stage, followed quickly by an economic catastrophe.

All the factors that will make 2010 (and have already made the last half of 2009) look so good will reverse direction, and 2011 will be a train wreck. The first effect is the so-called “slingshot” or “freefall” effect. Whenever an economy stops freefall, as the U.S. economy has, everything seems better because it’s getting worse more slowly. The slingshot effect will exert a powerful positive influence on the U.S. economy in 2010 but won’t exist in 2011.

if this is indeed the case, what should we do today?

looking for a new job?

about to commit to a new house?

consider this and may the force be with you.

i am still optimistic, but think this should be on our radar screens

JD Salinger and dry dates

January 30, 2010

JD Salinger, best known for his 1951 novel The Catcher in the Rye, as well as his reclusive nature is gone

a few thoughts:

  • i may or may not be still in my adolescence, but agree with holden that most adults are “phony”
  • where do the central park lagoon ducks go during winter? they have a recluse in the park
  • it is hard to walk in Central Park and not think of holden, the book and my brother, Ofer, who connected to its loneliness so fully

for trivia lovers, worth while to read on


JD salinger had a broken heart. this is where some of the best art comes from

out of fracture, comes greatness.

the girl’s name?

oona o’neill daughter of of Nobel and Pulitzer Prize-winning  playwriter  Eugene O’Neill and writer Agnes Boulton.

for those who may remember, O’neill was played by  Jack Nicholson in the movie Reds (for a review of this great film, click here)(along side the fantastic Diane Keaton). which directly makes me think of Reds’ star, co-writer, producer and director Warren Beatty about whom Carly Simon sang, ‘You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you’. more about beatty simon and their dates in a second.

oona o’neill also dated

  • cartoonist Peter Arno,
  • director Orson Welles,
  • (and as stated above, author J. D. Salinger). To Salinger’s disappointment, however, their relationship ended when she met
  • Charlie Chaplin and later become Lady Chaplin, (therefore Salinger’s broken heart).

arno who perhaps is least known today was multi-talented, rich, and handsome.  He exuberated confidence. his sketches were funny, satirical, unique and risky. like the one above.

anyhow, seems that oona had something about her


Beatty has had several high-profile relationships with his costars, including Natalie Wood (Splendor in the Grass), Julie Christie (McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Shampoo, Heaven Can Wait), Diane Keaton (Reds), Isabelle Adjani (Ishtar) and Madonna (Dick Tracy).

not bad

back to carly simon

who i think is totally wonderful

is also well known for “Anticipation“, which was used as the soundtrack for TC commercials  for Heinz ketchup in the 1970s. The song relates Simon’s state of mind as she waits to go on a date with Cat Stevens. After their brief liaison during 1970-1971 ended amicably, Stevens wrote his song “Sweet Scarlet” about Simon, who also had highly publicized relationships with Warren Beatty, Mick Jagger, Kris Kristofferson, and James Taylor during this period.

Oona dated cartoonist Peter Arno, director Orson Welles, and author J. D. Salinger.[citation needed] To Salinger’s disappointment, however, their relationship ended when she met Charlie Chaplin

has paris lost its charm?

November 15, 2009

I love paris
I am here for 2 days on business
In the last 3 days I had 2 red-eyes
Tel-aviv to boston and boston to paris (way too short)
My plane landed far from the terminal. waited for a bus. rain. coat is in the suitcase. cold.

paris doisneau baiser

It is now 23:30
I am sitting at ‘les deux magot
Just ate a chevre chaud on toast and am drinking mouton cadet


Has paris lost its charm?
CDG was once an architectural masterpiece, with fantastic understanding of flow, moving lots of people in style to far away, romantic places. It had vision, and lumiere, the lighting was jet-age
It is now a dark, decaying structure where people wait in long lines, bump into each other, exits are too tight, the place is dark and resembles orly, a terminal of a developing world

Bonjour paris

I order a double espresso machiatto and a croissant
Who says I can not speak french?

The coffee is out of a machine, the croissant is with abricot
I ask for the original croissant beurre

Both coffee and croissant are not as good as in israel
What happened in 30 years?
Well, israel has become a coffee empire and the croissant is mass produced, not by a artisan boulanger with love
It is stale.
Is paris stale? Has it lost its charm?

The tour montparnasse is old, still erect, still out of place
La couple is not full of artists. Modiglianni is dead

Has paris lost its charm?
The closhard are not french, they are homeless immigrants

It’s not you, it’s me
Have I lost my charm?
I am not as youthful as 30 years ago
Have I ever had charm?

Well paris sure did; and it does
The museums are full of art
The streets are alive, with the sound of music
Hausmann did a good job. A very good job.
The light falls on the city with grace
paris_night Some stores (gap, mcDo excluded) are breathtaking
I walk into a book store
Fall in love with the smell, the paper, the books
Liberte,Egalite, Fraternite
velolib, still world leaders in smart mass transit
From here, israel looks like an isolated place in another world
One without justice, or values

Paris is still desirable and expensive
The art in the streets and museums still take the wind out of me
The grey skies add ambiance
The shoes are still exquisite
The cafes still have plastic straw chairs on the sidewalks, chairs side by side, overlooking a couple walking hand in hand, stopping for a kiss

The restaurants still have simplicity, authenticity and  produce with appellation controlee

Has paris lost its charm?
The girls are sexy, and have not lost their french
The students of the latin quarter still have round glasses
The waiters still wear papillon and give you good advice if you speak french
There are people from 50 countries on the streets, mostly smiling and highly satisfied with their latest purchase, hidden in beautiful shopping bags, from boutique shops that have been around since 1817
The invalide shines when the sun comes out
The sacre coeur is still beautifully kitsch
The Swedish lady sitting next to me smiles

Has paris lost its charm?
It like a high-school sweetheart you see after 30 years
Not the same, has had better days, but still your heart misses a beat
Once loved, always in love

For those who know him, he will forever be in our hearts

October 24, 2009

nokia 6310i Back from another lousy business trip

if you are a loyal reader, prepare for a lot of posts about business travel in the next 2 weeks

the sad news, if you have not heard, is that my vintage 2003, Nokia 6310i phone has died.


one sudden day. yesterday

earlier that day people were making fun of me, yet one more time, about my phone and how it does not match my image as an innovator. i commented that it is old and in its last days. little did i know, that we were in our last moments together.

here are some reasons why it was my friend, and a close one at that:

  • great battery life
  • reliable as a DC 3, ‘Dakota’ in our part of the world
  • always with me, business or pleasure

a few thoughts about the current predicament:

  • does anyone have a really simple application for synchronization or back up of the information on your cell phone? too late for me,  i guess
  • do i need to change now all the fixed cell phone car kits in all my cars? boy, they locked me in, didn’t they?
  • does anyone have a spare old 6310?

innovation is over-valued, execution is under-valued

September 22, 2009

Lately i spend a great deal of time thinking about THE GAP between VC mindset and entrepreneur mind set.

this includes CEOs of VC backed companies, my portfolio included, and not just CEO/entrepreneurs of companies trying to raise money.

what i find is that people are fascinated with innovation way too much.

and boy, that is understandable.

innovation is fun.

as Israelis we love to think out side-of-the-box and to behave outside of any process or methodology. as my mom likes to say, i’m special

in addition, a real innovative product or service offering

  • is differentiated
  • can redeem premium pricing
  • is attractive for M+A purposes
  • is defensible


many people, especially customers,

  • do not like innovation
  • do not like to change their ways
  • do not like to buy from start-ups, unless they have to do so
  • do not like the risk that comes with innovation

this actually creates an innovation barrier in customers mind.

what are the keys to break this barrier?

i would love to hear your thoughts

but, what is clear to me is that execution is a great way to show that you have figured things out

  • you promise a OEM partnership with in 6 month?  make it happen
  • customers can see value in the product within hours?  wow
  • the product can be installed in 1 hour by a channel partner sales engineer? you will scale

my belief is that in the software world these are the sources for differentiation and the keys to success much more than how innovative is the product.

at this point in time, in the israeli hi-tech market, execution is much more rare than innovation.