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60 years in 60 seconds

February 11, 2010

yoram taharlev is a prolific genius, a kind man and takes the path less traveled

take a look also at some goodies and oldies

apologies that this is in hebrew


Not Likely

December 28, 2009

Ever faced a situation where chances for a good outcome existed, but not really?

yet miracles can happen, right?

here is what needs to happen for the jacksonville jaguars to make it to the NFL play-offs

Jacksonville can clinch a playoff spot with:

  • a win (vs. Cleveland) and a Pittsburgh loss (vs. Miami) and a Baltimore loss (vs. Oakland) and a Denver loss (vs. Kansas City) and a Houston loss (vs. New England) OR
  • a win and a Pittsburgh loss and a Baltimore loss and a Denver loss and a N.Y. Jets loss (vs. Cincinnati) OR
  • a win and a Pittsburgh loss and a Baltimore loss and a Houston loss and a N.Y. Jets loss OR
  • a win and a Pittsburgh loss and a Denver loss and a Houston loss and a N.Y. Jets loss OR
  • a win and a N.Y. Jets loss and a Denver loss and a Houston loss and a Baltimore loss

good luck

i much prefer the denver broncos chances:

Denver can clinch a playoff spot with:

  • a win (vs. Kansas City) and a N.Y. Jets loss loss or tie (vs. Cincinnati) and a Baltimore loss or tie (vs. Oakland) OR
  • a win and a N.Y. Jets loss or tie and a Pittsburgh loss or tie (vs. Miami) OR
  • a win and a N.Y. Jets loss or tie and a Houston win (vs. New England) OR
  • a win and a Baltimore loss or tie and a Pittsburgh loss or tie OR
  • a win and a Baltimore loss or tie and a Houston win OR
  • a Pittsburgh loss and a Baltimore loss and a Houston loss and a Jacksonville loss (vs. Cleveland) OR
  • a Pittsburgh loss and a Baltimore loss and a Houston loss and a N.Y. Jets loss OR
  • Pittsburgh loss and a Baltimore loss and a Jacksonville loss and a N.Y. Jets loss OR
  • Pittsburgh loss and a Houston loss and a Jacksonville loss and a N.Y. Jets loss OR
  • Miami loss or tie (vs. Pittsburgh) and a N.Y. Jets loss and a Baltimore loss and a Houston loss and a Jacksonville loss or tie

if you had to take sides

November 13, 2009

are weekends time for politics? or were they just made for Michelob?

i try to read and catch up on what is going on.

here is an argument between 2 people. based on the two, whose side would you take?

Man 1: … he is a small man, devoid of any sense of justice, a technocrat with no real understanding of …

Man 2: I would say that the his comments are specious and ill-befitting his post…I am content to be judged by my actions over the course of my career

read the haaretz article below to find out more on these two people

the issue is crucial. if israel mis-manages our tactics on this matter, the UN security council can approve the goldstone report. some of our soldiers and generals will be subjects of trials by the ICC in the Hague. that would make a lot of people, which  i do not like, happy

should israel carry an independent audit of what happened in gaza? are there lessons to be learned?


South African jurist Richard Goldstone lambasted President Shimon Peres on Thursday for a personal attack on him, which the president launched in response to a damning report he compiled on Israel’s winter offensive in Gaza.

“I would say that the President’s comments are specious and ill-befitting the Head of the State of Israel,” Goldstone said in an interview with Haaretz.

“I am content to be judged by my actions over the course of my career both in terms of my professional judicial career and my voluntary service.”

The jurist was referring to comments Peres made on Wednesday to Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva during a meeting in Brasilia.

Peres told his Brazilian counterpart that, “Goldstone is a small man, devoid of any sense of justice, a technocrat with no real understanding of jurisprudence.”

Goldstone added in the interview that while he anticipated there would be considerable criticism of the report from Israel, he was surprised at the many “nasty attacks” made against him personally.

working 9-5

November 9, 2009

feel good with your work-life balance?

think that work has too big a part in your life? your identity?

bought a nice lamp from this store in Venezia. in the part where locals live.

check out the store hours. works every day. monday-friday 5 in the evening to 8:30. when people come back from work? perhaps.

on weekends, both saturday and sunday 3-8:30. longer hours. hey, this guy works 7 days a week!

seems to me this guy has figured things out that we hi-tech savvy people have not. ( for other references to us champagne socialists take a look at this post). i bet you he will work till he is 75. you should have seen the smile on his face too.


revolutionary road

November 8, 2009

just saw the movie revolutionary road for the 2nd time, and i think it is better than i remembered.

my friend Moshe says movies should be watched twice. the first time is to get the plot out of the way. especially for us israelis who spend most of the time looking at the subtitles at the bottom of the frame.

kate winslet is becoming one of my favorite actresses.

mike shannon, was nominated for best supporting actor  because of this scene. seems a bit of an underrated actor. expect great things from him.

check out this scene. extremely powerful

i love it when ‘the truth’ comes out.

it is there. we all know it. we do not forget its existence. we just live every day to hide it. deeper. then, it pops out. when you least expect it.

i believe most people like the truth in small doses. the beauty of this scene is that it comes in large portions. ‘super-size’. a bit too much to swallow.dreams are crushed.

the price people pay to live within expectations of others.

See of Galilee ? כנרת שלי, ההיית או חלמתי חלום

September 26, 2009

2008-07-06-kineretswimisraeltoday was the 56th “צליחת הכנרת”

For one man, 75 years old, it was his 54th. i only captured his first name, בן-עמי


Leonard Cohen was here last week and gave a 3 hour performance at age 75. hallelujah!

enjoy your body. if i will start taking care of mine, it may take care of me

For Gil my son it was his first. for me, my second. a great pleasure and fulfillment of a long-term dream to do that swim with him. good for your body,too. Click here for tips re long distance open water swimming, now a new Olympic sport (due to triathlons?).

The real triumph is when your body says stop, (or your son’s body) and you crack the mental barrier. the next few kilometers become easier. yet another indication how we are wired for short term goals, and not long term ones.

sad to see (of galilee) the kineret so empty.

the image i will take away is how the thousands of people looked like ants across the 3.5? km route.

helps you keep things in proportion


pitching a VC – mistakes no one tells you about

September 21, 2009

sandy koufax the pitch

i have been a VC for over 10 years. have been in over 1000 first time meetings

the purpose of this series of posts is to share with you some thoughts about what i consider mistakes entrepreneurs make in a first time meeting.

press here for the entire series.

often, these items are not discussed and the knowledge that can be shared is lost

that is why i am writing

it seems that the gap between entrepreneurs and VCs especially in israel is growing. and it is Gemini’s role and mine to try and reduce it through blogs and events. i would like to think of the israeli hi-tech sector as a big virtualized company. i am right now in the finance department of this virtual organization. most entrepreneurs are in r+d or biz dev or product management. the fact is, this organization is under threat. it does not innovate well enough. it does not scale. who will suffer from this? our country and our kids. so this is a small attempt to help us work better together

i do not own ‘the truth’. to many of these ‘rules’ there are some very smart and experienced people who will advice you to do exactly the opposite of what is said here. i will try and present an alternative argument as part of good dialectics.

i strongly recommend a book by guy kawasaki called ‘the art of the start‘. many of my thoughts on these and other ‘VC 101’ issues are influenced by his ideas.  some have evolved, some have been polarized.

what is the purpose of ‘the pitch’?

to engage, and get interest for more meetings, a process. so if you do a good enough job presenting your idea, there will be more meetings:

Change. first slowly, then suddenly

November 4, 2008


today the US of A will vote for its first black president. ever.

few would have believed it as little as a year ago.

forty years ago, in the 1968 olympics, 2 athletes, Smith and Carlos, overtly challanged class power in the US. with a short, simple, silent, non-violent Black Power Salute. they were brave, but not liked. 40 years later, within their lifetimes, their previously scorned expression is now viewed as a brave statement.

They received their medals shoeless, but wearing black socks, to represent black poverty. Smith wore a black scarf around his neck to represent black pride. Carlos had his tracksuit top unzipped to show solidarity with all blue collar workers in the U.S. Furthermore, Carlos wore beads which he described “were for those individuals that were lynched, or killed that no-one said a prayer for, that were hung and tarred. It was for those thrown off the side of the boats in the middle passage.”

Today is a day of change

Too many hopes on the unproven shoulders of Obama. will he be able not to disappoint?

Yet, it is important to understand what Obama has already achieved.

Many american blacks voted for the first time in their lives. Lines in the Dixwell neighborhood of new haven today were very long. i suspect we will here more reports about people standing in line for hours, especially hispanic and afro-american neighborhoods, especially in ‘red’ states or districts, but also in very poor ‘blue’ neighborhoods.

things take time to change. the world changes slowly, then suddenly

Today the american republic has become more democratic (and Democratic). many first time voters by virtue of age, many first time voters by virtue of hope and participation. So

  • 220 years after the 3/5th compromise, (in which black slaves counted as 60% of a person for purposes of distribution (not collection) of taxes and apportionment of congressional power to each state),
  • 150 years since the civil war and black suffrage obtained through the XV amendment.
  • 40 years since the civil rights movement lead by Martin Luther King,

today, for many who have suffered for long, is the beginning of an age of hope.

and disappointment.

a new era has begun. perhaps enough change and good is achieved within a reasonable time period, despite great challenges.

but even if not, today is a great proof that all men are created equal.

land of the free and home of the brave.


November 3, 2008

tal, our 3 year old woke up this morning, an told us she had a dream:


The power of example vs the example of power

October 3, 2008

discussion re book: The Power and the Story

author Evan W. Cornog, PhD. dean, Columbia school of Journalism and was press secratery

He is the author of, The Power and the Story: How the Crafted Presidential Narrative has Determined Political Success from George Washington to George W. Bush (2004); Hats in the Ring: An Illustrated History of American Presidential Campaigns [with Richard Whelan] (2000); The Birth of Empire: DeWitt Clinton and the American Experience, 1769-1828 (1998)

key takeaways:

it seems people need to hear a good story

we are in the age of soundbites which are powerful in memory.

e.g “John Kennedy was a friend of mine”.

political campaigns are not about debates or opinions, but a battle of stories, crafting images and reputation.

journalism is losing its value-add. no longer more of a point of view or predicting the future.

humor is very powerful, devastating.


in political candidacy, it seems to matter less if the story is true, you need a powerful personal narrative.

think how many ‘heros’ in our lives, including sports teams actually write a story.

it is tough to change a story, but it is possible (red sox).

we are now seeing the end of the free-market reagan narrative. now, regulation is american motherhood like apple pie. democrats are out of a narrative for a long time. roosevelt built it, it lost touch with lack of inclusion of afro-americans since the 60s, and now the democratic party is coming up with a new story

the press has a strong role here. see jefferson comments.


it seems this is more american than rest of the world, but difference is decreasing.

why? party system is loosing power vs candidate. age of celebirty

the post debate analysis is just as important as the debate.

you tube is powerful in this reconciliation. that is hard to over-turn


A sound bite is an audiolinguistic and social communications phenomenon whose nature was recognized in the late 20th century, helped by people such as Marshall McLuhan. It is characterized by a short phrase or sentence that deftly captures the essence of what the speaker is trying to say. Such key moments in dialogue (or monologue) stand out better in the audience’s memory and thus become the “taste” that best represents the entire “meal” of the larger message or conversation. Sound bites are a natural consequence of people placing ever greater emphasis on summarizing ever-increasing amounts of information in their lives.