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find yourself, by losing yourself, in something bigger than yourself

November 20, 2008

lecture by mark albion.

and  joy at criterion ventures an $85M social venture fund. 10 years ago she was a high school teacher in NYC.

  • think about the first step. keep walking costs low
  • success is personal.
  • support is critical. have a tribe

what is good about being 104 years old? no peer pressure

how are you going to measure success? what does success mean to you?

do it sooner rather than later. people think they need money first. it is like waiting with sex till later in life.

we live our life as if to survive, not thrive.

it is about doing a lot of little things, not a few big things.

joy had some interesting observations:

eat what you kill

in big systems you can do what you want, nobody notices

scope of influence. how to gain power in big systems

the safest career choice is actually the riskiest

November 20, 2008

think about your job in terms of ‘bond’. every month you earn a salary and the right to earn it next month. how boring. perhpas you should try and make a product and scale.

even better, just do what you want while lowering your ‘walking cost’ (no longer running cost).

what is your ‘soul price’? the cost of doing what you are doing. think of it  as opportunity cost

how close are you to the gutter? how close are you to what you want to do?