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stop the non*sense

August 5, 2014

Which player would you want on your team?

rodrigues 2-0 vs uruguai


















it is the 2nd year in a row that i prefer the Real Madrid Vs. Barca decisions:

not ready to switch sides.

but sometimes the home team is paying a dear price.




Spring Of ’69

February 17, 2011

here is a picture from my kindergarten. spring of 1969 if i am not mistaken

good education system

israel is high on its spirits.

1969 גן יחיאלה, רמת השרון

met gil eshet last night.

first time in about 35 years. he is on the second row from the top, second from right.

it was delightful

what you see are the same eyes, and the same smile on the edge of the lips. gil was always looking for a twist, doing something on the wild side, and with a smile.

it was so beautiful for me.

to be with a person who is so highly rooted in my early memories; a friend from age 3-12, and one class above.

and have a discussion with a deep chronological perspective but only early, fragile  intimacy.


On my way

August 6, 2010

i think friendship is important. it is a big part of my life. and i am very proud of my friends. and my good friends also know my top problem. i am not good at keeping in touch with them, though i try to make it up in intensity, intimacy and quality. so yes, that is my excuse, quality of quantity

perhaps more than family. perhaps (mom says blood is thinker than water). to my friends, and you know who you are, thank you.

i moved to israel from the USA at a young age. Left my parents, two brothers and two sisters behind. i think of myself as a Zionist. friends are a crucial part of my life.

there is nothing like Israeli friends. it is one of the things we should be proud of. but i am lucky enough to have an “Israeli friend” who is American. Kevin. you have probably heard me talk about him countless times. 2 years of life together in college and three months on trains in europe bonded us. love of sports. political discussions. life in startups. computers and design. kevin is a walking TED. every time i pick up a camera, and i love photography, i think of him. he tought me about quality. about the importance of good equipment. about light; and how to capture it. about composition. about typography and beauty.

so when i got an email from him that he is getting married. i was happy. very happy.

last year kevin had a heart attack. since then he has lost half of his body weight. he is healthier and happier. some, if not much of it, is due to Juliet. they met while kevin was on a mileage run to Hong Kong about 6 months ago.

at first i was not sure if i wanted to travel to the philippines during this summer. i already had a personal trip planned to South Africa with my son, Gil. Summer is time to spend with the family, and it would mean that 5 out of 7 weeks i would be away from home when you count in two business trips. and as you may know, i do not travel well.

but my heart stopped my head from thinking too much. the only issue was if Limor will join me or not.

oh, and i am the Best-Man of the wedding. what an honor.

getting to St Bernard on southern Leyte island, Philippines where Juliet was born is not simple. it took me 4 flights, 5 taxi rides, 2 train rides and a long bus ride to get there. 10.275 degrees north of the equator 125.275 west of Greenwich.

2 of my flights were on Cathay Pacific. first time on that airline. all my life i have been told it is the tops. well, it is not. it is yet another airline.

was it worth it to make the trip? should Limor have joined me? will it be a happy wedding? how will the two families, one rural american and one rural Phillipinnes, bond? will i get sick on the way as i often do after many flights? are there more surprises ahead?

do you love your job?

April 28, 2010

do you have a dream job?

Being a sports announcer can be a fun job

you get to see you favorite teams in some of their greatest moments.

does not sound bad.

i am sure it has its dull moments as well. many days and nights away from home. many disappointments. many moments when not much happens.

but if you love your team, your job, your mission, it does not really matter.

take a look at Carlo Alvoni, announcer for Napoli football team and a fan for the team.

first question, does he love his job?

you do not need to understand italian. and if the beginning is boring jump to 3:00

this one may be more convincing

next question, do you love your job?

הבית שלי הבית שלך – keep families together

April 24, 2010

ever been rejected? not a nice feeling

what about kicked out?

and taken away from your parents?

if you believe being an Israeli, or a Zionist, or a human being means being an example to others; if it means not repeating things we did not like when they were done to us;  here is a chance to take 4 minutes and help 1200 kids stay in Israel rather than be deported from Israel because they are a liability. why are they a liability?

תקדישו כ-4 דקות לראות קליפ מרגש שבו חוברים
אנשים מפורסמים
למקהלת הילדים שלנו בשיר שחובר עליהם ולכבודם.
אולי אם נגיע ל100,000 כניסות ננצח את אלי ישי
ואנשיו ונסיר מעליהם את חרב הגרוש.

Israel at 62

April 21, 2010

i was going to write something for independence day

but then i ran into this poem by david sela

and i took the easy way out

will try again next year

ישראל – אני “חולה” עלייך!

ישראל בת שישים ושתיים

מאת: דייויד סלע

בימים בהם אנו מהלכים עם הראש מורכן,
כשצרות נופלות עלינו –  מכאן ומכאן,
בימים בהם אוחז בנו מן ייאוש,
ועמישראל נראה פתאום –  קצת חלוש,
בימים כאלה – אספר אודות נפלאותייך –
מדינת ישראל – אני “חולה”  עלייך!!!

בזמן שהעיתונות צועקת “שחיתות”,
והטלוויזיה מיד אחריה צווחת ברהיטות,
ש – “ברור שאיבדנו את הכיוון –
כולם גנבים ואין אף פוליטיקאי הגון “,
בימים כאלה – אספר סיפור אהבה –
ביני – סתם אזרח פשוט – ובין המדינה.

כי המדינה הזאת – כמו אישה מופלאה,
לעיתים מסתורית, לעיתים פרועה,
היא יפה ומאתגרת, היא מריחה נפלא,
וכשצריך – אוספת היא אותי אליה בחמלה,
היא מגלה בי דברים שאפילו אני אינני מכיר  –
והסקס איתה – גם בגיל שישים ושתיים – הוא פשוט אדיר!

כי המדינה הזאת היא גם תושביה,
אלה שבאו מכול פינות העולם – דווקא אליה,
אמנם מעט רעים, כמו בכל מקום, אכן,
אך בכל יום ויום אני אומר שיתכן –
שבגלל חלק מאלה שפה – אלה הטובים,
שווה לחיות פה – לעולמי עולמים!!!

כי המדינה הזאת היא גם נופים,
איפה בעולם אחווה עוד כאלה חוויות וריגושים,
כמו לרדת לים המלח ביום אביב,
או לצפות מהגולן בכינרת – זה ממש מגניב,
או ליהנות מהזריחה מעל פסגת הר הצופים,
מכל מקום שאביט – נופים ועוד נופים.

כי המדינה הזאת היא גם ריחות,
היש עוד מקום בו כה נפלאות הפריחות,
וריח הפרדסים בשעת בקיעת ניצת התפוז,
כמה נפלא! מי בכלל  ירצה מפה לזוז?
וריח המלוח, וריחו הנפלא של הירדן,
האמינו לי – ממש אין על מה להתלונן.

כי המדינה הזאת היא גם קולות,
איפה בעולם יש עוד בליל כזה של מקהלות,
בכל השפות והסלנג שרק אפשר,
וכל זה יהיה פה – גם מחר,
וזה עושה את החיים פה כה מעניינים,
זה מוכר, זה שלי, זה נעים!

כי המדינה הזאת היא גם סמלים בליבי,
ואני רוצה להודות לך, אלי,
שנתת לי לחיות במקום כה נפלא –
בו יש סיבה לחיות, בהחלט יש על מה,
שבו שירת ההמנון, הדגל, חזרה מחו”ל ועוד –
מעלים לחלוחית בעיניי, ואני נרגש מאוד!

כי המדינה הזאת היא גם חברים,
איפה יש עוד בעולם כאלה אנשים,
רק בנכר אתה לומד להעריך את העוצמה,
של חברות ישראלית, חבר אמיתי, חברה,
חברים שאוהבים אותך, אוהבים מאוד,
אנשים שאיתם אתה רוצה להיות – עוד ועוד.

כי המדינה הזאת היא כל כך הרבה,
שאם רק אבחר – אראה גם אראה,
שזה המקום הכי נפלא בעולם, למרות –
שחיתות, מרמה, גניבות ומריבות.
ולכן  ישראל אהובתי – אל נא תעלבי ממשנאייך-
אני, אזרח פשוט –  פשוט חולה עלייך!!!

דייויד סלע
נוסטלגיה אונליין – שימור התרבות הישראלית

60 years in 60 seconds

February 11, 2010

yoram taharlev is a prolific genius, a kind man and takes the path less traveled

take a look also at some goodies and oldies

apologies that this is in hebrew

Think With the Senses, Feel With the Mind

December 1, 2008

there is no such thing as a good painting without an idea, and there is no such thing as a good idea without a form.

session with robert storr, dean, yale school or art, director of the last biennale.

Robert Storr is an American curator, academic, critic, and painter. He was named Dean of the Yale School of Art for a five-year period beginning July 2006 and was the director of the Venice Biennale in 2007. He has been described as a “vital link between the museum world and academia” and “a gifted writer”.

here is an interview

wrote 2 books on richter, my favorite current artist. doubt and belief in painting is an interesting one

key takeaways:

  • next biennale in june. i am going who is coming?
  • volta in basel as well


above richter

  • brazillian favelas as creating and designing a neighborhood


  • artists that are ‘successful’ are often not from the country in which they become popular. their identity and nationality is complex. if art is ahead of ‘culture’ by decades, how does that reflect on identity and globalization?
  • does art have silos?
  • demian hirst as ‘bad art’? important cultural figure but not good enough?
  • artists who have done well in their regions, local galleries, that is where real art happens
  • no real art capital where things are happening. berlin is going to be the next place.


a god has died, a new one is born.

  • wallid raad, the atlas project
  • suspicion of collective a priori requirements, though is an indispensable  phase
  • respect something that is moving along in its own way

identity should be like garments of north africa. once in a while some nakedness should be visible.

  • art as a form of foreign policy
  • maus, a great book
  • studio museum harlem
  • cartoons as art. i agree that it is an under-rated medium
  • art as a way to learn how to learn
  • artis, promoting israeli contemporary art
  • artis, art tours study abroad.
  • imitating art similar to learning another language.
  • breaching the barrier, like karioke for the first time


November 11, 2008

First we just were.

than we became students. we enjoyed things that are well designed, loved to travel, ate out. not exactly like our parents.

without knowing it we became yuppies.

when we got married, we became dinks, but just for a short while, as Carmel, gift of the gods, entered out lives.

another inspirational child, yuval, startups, MBA, Gil enters our lives and all of a sudden, i am a  metrosexual.  overworked, over traveled, under-performing i had to stop and think if i am becoming a retrosexual. brought back teenage memories of real men don’t eat quiche. hardly having the time to ponder, i had thoughts of ubersexual, asexual, middlesexual, mixsexual, undersexual, but concluded that

Emotions, in my experience aren’t covered by single words. I don’t believe in “sadness,” “joy,” or “regret.” … I’d like to have at my disposal complicated hybrid emotions, Germanic traincar constructions like, say, “the happiness that attends disaster.” Or: “the disappointment of sleeping with one’s fantasy.” … I’d like to have a word for “the sadness inspired by failing restaurants” as well as for “the excitement of getting a room with a minibar.” (Eugenides, middlesex)

in my middle life, becoming a fat capitalist pig (no wiki entry, so here is a related one) , one thing was clear. i will not be a ‘sporno‘.

unshaven, long hair or just a pony tail, i was flirting with the idea of having a new one word lable to classify me, or not.

arrived in new haven, thinking i am in paradise but trying to understand the point of view of the poor of the world. after my first glass of champagne, i realized that Champagne Socialist may fit, but will not due. too pejorative.

but it is time to go back home. need to decide if we are buying stuff or not to take back to isarel. (if we wait a few weeks, we will be in consumer heaven as markets are crumbling and retailers are pressed). sat down with limor right after our mutual architecture class. time for decisions! are we bourgeois or bohemian? was the discussion.

and so, now we are BoBos.


rebel without a cause

September 15, 2008

a discussion based human security report

looks at upsala univeristy and university of british columbia human security centre

world is a safer place because cold war ending and post colonialism conflicts are over. fewer wars, fewer deaths. nice ah?

more civil wars – internal vs inter-state

more non-state actors. wishing to become a state? are we heading to many small states and some superstructures?

ethnicity matters. ethnics wars are on the rise. identity matters

but still a lot of small conflicts, no big ones. formal definitions ‘civil conflict’ (25 deaths), ‘civil war’ (1000)

key takeaways:

  • wars are changing. endless, small, non-state, mutli-rebels civil conflicts.
  • only one parameter is statistically significant. GDP is a predictor of war. so if you are poor, you are really screwed
  • peace through fear. balanced conflict may cause quiet
  • with so many potential reasons for a civil conflict/war it is surprising how few there are
  • social scientist are envious of scientists
  • no research on war and lack of water! want a phd thesis? take a look at homer dickenson
  • repeat small problems are acceptable, a single big one is not!
  • are third parties facilitators or causes to internal conflicts?


perhaps less formal wars. but

  • are we safer?
  • different wars, more difficult to deal with.
  • wars/conflicts are longer and do not end
  • so it seems to me we are looking in the rear-view mirror vs thru the windshield

Nigeria has all the makings of a country to be troubled, but according to formal measures it is not. just small conflicts. poor, oil, many ethnics, strong militia, inequality of wealth, corruption, big business.

a few fresh angles:

  • proliferation of ak47, younger people play at war, power taken from older people, less rulers, harder to control
  • urbanization as s deterrent to war
  • politicizing the self vs the self politicizing?  a theory that identity and ethnicity brings you into war. a counter thesis: civil wars allow every-day politics to come to play that otherwise would not. so it is now easier to kill. a powerful mechanism.