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Frank Pepe’s Pizza

August 26, 2008

pizza is an important part of my life. when i think of a great food i think of pizza.  it is simple, fresh and  available at a good quality around the world. it is my favorite food  though i believe it will soon be replaced by sushi.

Ever heard the the piece of trivia that pizza was invented in new haven?

well, if it was, pepe’s is the home of pizza.

this is a great pizza place. here is why:

  • it serves pizza. only pizza. got to appreciate the focus.
  • it is authentic, not modern, not efficient,
  • pizzas are large, crust is thin, materials are local and in season

it is even good when re-heated. which reminds me that pizza is like sex. when it is good, it is great. when it is not good, … it is still pretty good.

i say pepe’s is one of the top 10 pizzas i ever had. if you love pizza as much as i do, please share your favorite pizza places.