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ready for the ride?

July 26, 2009

yuval, my daughter, went to the tel-aviv luna-park (amusement park)

there is a new ride there, the black mumba

now, as with many decisions in life, there are plenty of good reasons not to go on the ride

but, then, at the end of the day, after a fun day at the park, you still think ‘ i had a lot of fun, but did not go on the black mumba’

familiar with these safe decisions? which ‘ride’ are you not boarding?

yuval did board the ride

and i am happy for her

private equity

October 28, 2008

financial intermediary as a profession

key takeaways:

how much VC should there be?

key terms:

risk and return.

marginal utility of consumption.

beta risk=market risk=non-diversifiable risk=systematic risk.

as opposed to lottery risk, or idiosyncratic, volatility.