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January 22, 2012

Benny Daon, is one of my favorite entrepreneurs. why?

  • he is  hard working -when i met him first in 1998, he was bootstrapping his company. this included packaging CDs in cardboard boxes prior to shiping to customers.  i believe this is a sight i will not see again.
  • he is insightful – he named his product “the cloud” in 1998. early to market?  i believe the company still has a TradeMark for the word cloud. i did not know how to say ‘cloud’ till 2009.
  • he is unusual – named his company Shunra. perhaps the only start-up in the world with an Aramaic name
  • he still loves coding

and he is also a social entrepreneur

his claim:  the most important page one your website is the pricing page.

how insightful.

that’s the one page you want all your customers to get to.

it also exposes many of your values. what your company really stands for. show me your pricing page and i can tell you who you are

here is what i think is a great pricing page. why?

  • pricing parameters are associated with value created
  • transparent – lends itself to fairness
  • variable –  i pay for what i get
  • simple

הבית שלי הבית שלך – keep families together

April 24, 2010

ever been rejected? not a nice feeling

what about kicked out?

and taken away from your parents?

if you believe being an Israeli, or a Zionist, or a human being means being an example to others; if it means not repeating things we did not like when they were done to us;  here is a chance to take 4 minutes and help 1200 kids stay in Israel rather than be deported from Israel because they are a liability. why are they a liability?

תקדישו כ-4 דקות לראות קליפ מרגש שבו חוברים
אנשים מפורסמים
למקהלת הילדים שלנו בשיר שחובר עליהם ולכבודם.
אולי אם נגיע ל100,000 כניסות ננצח את אלי ישי
ואנשיו ונסיר מעליהם את חרב הגרוש.


March 11, 2010

we all know criticism can be lethal

especially in large doses

i need to improve on this front

Moshe, my dear friend, sent this over:

on the wall at the Schechter School (btw, i graduated from Schechter school in Chicago – class of 78 (reflections of the future) :

7 steps to hapiness

March 3, 2010

wish i could follow. look here

sounds simple, yet tough

you choose to be happy, or not

it is entirely your choice

yeh, sure

p.s. here are 10 steps, a bit more systematic including “fake it till you feel it”. got to love it


February 28, 2010

i really love the idea of VOD

especially if there would be a much larger selection

when i worked in ECI, in 1991, my room-mate guy went down under to australia to try and sell a VOD system

it is now 20 years later

However, the VOD experience still sucks:

  • you wait too long.
  • the system gets jammed to often.
  • till you find and ‘download’ a movie it takes 20 minutes (just slightly less than the trip to blockbuster)
  • dear customer, please unplug the devise and wait. and wait, and wait. now, plug back

the real genius of hot VOD, (and comcast as i experienced it in NewHaven last year) is that the service providers have reached a perfect equilibrium of poor service, but just good enough. they have really mastered that one.

just a bit worse, and many would leave, i would like to think. or, maybe we are all just lazy suckers who want to be mastered by service providers who silently reach into our pocket every month.

what efficiency! i salute them and despise them at the same time. how dare they?!!

i am sure there is another equilibrium point in which we as customers are much more satisfied, cost are not higher, and prices are lower, too. with much more usage. go for “חבילת מתעקשים ומרווחים”.

perhaps it will happen faster if we disconnect and stream on-line.

advise welcomed

when the saints, go marching in

February 9, 2010

a few thoughts about superbowl XLIV:

  • it is a new American holiday. similar to thanksgiving 400 years ago. thank you for america, for capitalism, for sports.  my parents were hosting yesterday. my parents. sports…
  • in the ESPN international broadcast they said “from Miami, FL, USA”. not often you would hear Americans state a location  in the format of city, state, country. it is a sport with great international following. still, to call the winners the world champions. doesn’t the American champions suffice?
  • if you had to expand the brand how would you do it? a non US team? a longer season? NBA –  an 82-game season before a long playoff seem crazy too.
  • even if you wanted the saints to win, you did not give yourself a chance to believe in it
  • it is a great redemption for those seating in the stadium with bags on their faces a few years back. the saints winning a play-off game? just 2 in 42 years and i think both were in 2006
  • reminds  me of the stories 40 years ago of super bowl iv and how KC won despite the vikings being heavy favorites. sean payton is a bit like hank stram

sean payton superbowl XL IV champs head coach

hank stram superbowl IV champs head coach

  • no NFL season MVP has won the Superbowl.
  • manning in 4th quarter was not what you expected. the quarter started colts 17 saint 16, colts with the ball and manning completing a 15 yard pass to about mid field. drive ended in missed field goal. talk about change in momentum
  • wasn’t this the superbowl with the least turnovers (1) (and sacks – 1) in a long time?

answer: turnovers:

this one had 1. record is 0

Buffalo vs. N.Y. Giants, XXV
St. Louis vs. Tennessee, XXXIV

sacks – hard to find an answer

  • i did believe that if the saints will score 30 or more they will win
  • XLIV – some kids tell me they had to learn Roman Numerals
  • seems that to be a true champion, you have to adjust your game and to control momentum. momentum does not just swing wildly. champions learn to use it
  • drew brees was not good enough for SD chargers and a ‘maybe’ for Miami dolphins before the saints took a chance on him. they were 3-13 in 2005.
  • let Mardi Gras begin. it never really ends

final 3 ? השרדות עונה 3, הגמר: ליעד, טלכו ושי

November 27, 2009

our family watches survival/survivor “השרדות” avidly.

realities are good for all ages and all levels of interest.

my 4 year old, Tal, is facinated if she knows/recoginizes the names of contenstens and something about them or their character.

what i like, is the family discussion about the characters and the plots contirved in the social dynamics.


this season of the Israeli Survivor is wonderful. the characters are fun, especially after Ziv is out.

and there is plenty of room for surprises as there is no Trinity or Iron Axis.

therefore,  IMNSHO, in my (not so humble) opinion, now is a great time to starting a contest for guesses about who the final 3 contestants will be.

if you agree that now is a great time to make the guess, please read on.

i doubt that i will be able to guess, but it would be fun to try.

my initial Key is that a strong threesome can make it to the final.


a bit of backwards induction.

the final 3 can be an alliance of 3 out of the final 5.

the final 5 can be a dominant alliance of 8. (not 9 because of veto)

so, a strong 3 (with 2 others) can dominate a tribal counsel of 8 even without the powerful Veto power.

since that 3 with 2 others can make it to the final 5, IF (and this is a big IF), they keep their alliance they are in the final.

note there is some game theory involved. human emotions. psychological scratches. behavioralism. this is fun (and very hard to predict).

note that at this point, the fibonacci series is highly significant, and 2,3,5,8 are dominant numbers to some degree on how alliances can unfold.

this final 3, especially in order to survive the final 5,  is composed of  a strategist,  a capable person (usually wins a hasinot/immunity – not just for physical abilities),  and a cute person who tags along (this rule is an attempt to find order in chous and i do not think it will hold water over time).

dan mano, naama, noam,

arik, nata-li (atam meshaker, meshaker), and mirit.

talco, shai, and liad?

i have a lot of doubt about this, but think it would be fun to discuss. if there are enough comments, i will try and introduce other theories




Yes, we can

November 12, 2009

a great article by my friend jonny, regarding how we are communicating. “The Israeli Way”,U1258011085926&did=1000503129

if you do not like to lick on links

during a discussion, when you reply to a thought or claim, start the sentance with ‘כן’ as opposed to ‘לא’

working 9-5

November 9, 2009

feel good with your work-life balance?

think that work has too big a part in your life? your identity?

bought a nice lamp from this store in Venezia. in the part where locals live.

check out the store hours. works every day. monday-friday 5 in the evening to 8:30. when people come back from work? perhaps.

on weekends, both saturday and sunday 3-8:30. longer hours. hey, this guy works 7 days a week!

seems to me this guy has figured things out that we hi-tech savvy people have not. ( for other references to us champagne socialists take a look at this post). i bet you he will work till he is 75. you should have seen the smile on his face too.


what have you done for me lately?

November 8, 2009

The NY Yankees win the World series in 6 games

mitsui is the MVP. of course, 6 RBIs in the winning game. Mitsui, the mvp, is the first japanese born player to win the title. we are becoming globalized.

notice the following:

  • MVP is in the winning team (which i think should often be the case, but it seems to be ALWAYS the case, at least lately).
  • the MVP of the series is actually the MVP of the last game.

how about Alex Rodriguez, or Rivera? A rod was pivotal in two pivotal games, especially game 4. and Rivera was part of every win.

it seems to me the underlying reason is the ‘recency effect‘:

  • we place more importance on the latest occurrence than we should.
  • we ask people what they have done for us lately, forgetting what they have done for us in the past.
  • in the compilation of the best songs in the past 50 years, or the best movies,  songs and movies from the last year or so get a dis-proportional weight.

call mom or dad and say ‘thank you’.