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half naked and full of criticism

September 27, 2011

happy new year all my dear friends

wanted to recommend my friend, Zvi Arom’s, web site which houses his poems
some of the lines are so touching, i wish i would have been writing them. i think i am going to use some of these lines in my SMS

i am especially proud of the fact that Guy Horowitz, added music to one of the poems and created this wonderful clip


הבית שלי הבית שלך – keep families together

April 24, 2010

ever been rejected? not a nice feeling

what about kicked out?

and taken away from your parents?

if you believe being an Israeli, or a Zionist, or a human being means being an example to others; if it means not repeating things we did not like when they were done to us;  here is a chance to take 4 minutes and help 1200 kids stay in Israel rather than be deported from Israel because they are a liability. why are they a liability?

תקדישו כ-4 דקות לראות קליפ מרגש שבו חוברים
אנשים מפורסמים
למקהלת הילדים שלנו בשיר שחובר עליהם ולכבודם.
אולי אם נגיע ל100,000 כניסות ננצח את אלי ישי
ואנשיו ונסיר מעליהם את חרב הגרוש.

Give me your tired, your poor

April 13, 2010

in the last month or so, three different times a US VC said no to a deal we were working on.

the usual reply is that it is really interesting, but

there is some risky or serious work to do:

  • the CEO is not proven
  • the go to market is unclear
  • can it scale?

so, we are left with the deal.


reminds me of Emma Lazarus‘  ‘The new Collossus‘ (which welcomed, in spirit, immigrants to the land of opportunities and freedom, America):

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

the poem by the way was solicited as a donation to an auction. it took some time, but now it is not only engraved on the Statue of Liberty, but also in the collective American memory.

believing in the unwanted made America great.

don’t we alone want for someone to just ‘take a chance on me‘?


April 12, 2010

wanted a deal real bad and lost it

first time in a long time


it is nice that this happens to a VC once in a while. we inflict this pain every day

good luck to the entrepreneur. i really want him to succeed.

but hey, not too much

Bronze anniversary

March 25, 2010

wednesday night was big.

Carmel graduated from her army course. that’s topic for another post. but let me tell you, i was proud

roger junk Bronze Anniversary

but also, Wednesday night was Limor and mine bronze anniversary. that’s 19 years. and 4 kids.3 cats and a dog.


unbelievable. we have done some great things together. responded in some hard moments as a team. even if at times i was far away on some seemingly crucially important business trip. god bless her for keeping up with me and my nonsense.

of greater interest to me is not the fact that i first saw her in mid February. in Eran Karoly’s birthday on a Friday night. i have great memories of that evening. so, this last February we started a countdown to the day  we met 20 years ago. twenty years!!!

10 days

9, 8 ,7

4 days to go i told Limor that i was thinking about it and found out it was 21 years ago

now that is very Limor+Adi

it also means that last year. when it was really 20, we passed it by without noticing…

7 steps to hapiness

March 3, 2010

wish i could follow. look here

sounds simple, yet tough

you choose to be happy, or not

it is entirely your choice

yeh, sure

p.s. here are 10 steps, a bit more systematic including “fake it till you feel it”. got to love it

when the saints, go marching in

February 9, 2010

a few thoughts about superbowl XLIV:

  • it is a new American holiday. similar to thanksgiving 400 years ago. thank you for america, for capitalism, for sports.  my parents were hosting yesterday. my parents. sports…
  • in the ESPN international broadcast they said “from Miami, FL, USA”. not often you would hear Americans state a location  in the format of city, state, country. it is a sport with great international following. still, to call the winners the world champions. doesn’t the American champions suffice?
  • if you had to expand the brand how would you do it? a non US team? a longer season? NBA –  an 82-game season before a long playoff seem crazy too.
  • even if you wanted the saints to win, you did not give yourself a chance to believe in it
  • it is a great redemption for those seating in the stadium with bags on their faces a few years back. the saints winning a play-off game? just 2 in 42 years and i think both were in 2006
  • reminds  me of the stories 40 years ago of super bowl iv and how KC won despite the vikings being heavy favorites. sean payton is a bit like hank stram

sean payton superbowl XL IV champs head coach

hank stram superbowl IV champs head coach

  • no NFL season MVP has won the Superbowl.
  • manning in 4th quarter was not what you expected. the quarter started colts 17 saint 16, colts with the ball and manning completing a 15 yard pass to about mid field. drive ended in missed field goal. talk about change in momentum
  • wasn’t this the superbowl with the least turnovers (1) (and sacks – 1) in a long time?

answer: turnovers:

this one had 1. record is 0

Buffalo vs. N.Y. Giants, XXV
St. Louis vs. Tennessee, XXXIV

sacks – hard to find an answer

  • i did believe that if the saints will score 30 or more they will win
  • XLIV – some kids tell me they had to learn Roman Numerals
  • seems that to be a true champion, you have to adjust your game and to control momentum. momentum does not just swing wildly. champions learn to use it
  • drew brees was not good enough for SD chargers and a ‘maybe’ for Miami dolphins before the saints took a chance on him. they were 3-13 in 2005.
  • let Mardi Gras begin. it never really ends

Not Likely

December 28, 2009

Ever faced a situation where chances for a good outcome existed, but not really?

yet miracles can happen, right?

here is what needs to happen for the jacksonville jaguars to make it to the NFL play-offs

Jacksonville can clinch a playoff spot with:

  • a win (vs. Cleveland) and a Pittsburgh loss (vs. Miami) and a Baltimore loss (vs. Oakland) and a Denver loss (vs. Kansas City) and a Houston loss (vs. New England) OR
  • a win and a Pittsburgh loss and a Baltimore loss and a Denver loss and a N.Y. Jets loss (vs. Cincinnati) OR
  • a win and a Pittsburgh loss and a Baltimore loss and a Houston loss and a N.Y. Jets loss OR
  • a win and a Pittsburgh loss and a Denver loss and a Houston loss and a N.Y. Jets loss OR
  • a win and a N.Y. Jets loss and a Denver loss and a Houston loss and a Baltimore loss

good luck

i much prefer the denver broncos chances:

Denver can clinch a playoff spot with:

  • a win (vs. Kansas City) and a N.Y. Jets loss loss or tie (vs. Cincinnati) and a Baltimore loss or tie (vs. Oakland) OR
  • a win and a N.Y. Jets loss or tie and a Pittsburgh loss or tie (vs. Miami) OR
  • a win and a N.Y. Jets loss or tie and a Houston win (vs. New England) OR
  • a win and a Baltimore loss or tie and a Pittsburgh loss or tie OR
  • a win and a Baltimore loss or tie and a Houston win OR
  • a Pittsburgh loss and a Baltimore loss and a Houston loss and a Jacksonville loss (vs. Cleveland) OR
  • a Pittsburgh loss and a Baltimore loss and a Houston loss and a N.Y. Jets loss OR
  • Pittsburgh loss and a Baltimore loss and a Jacksonville loss and a N.Y. Jets loss OR
  • Pittsburgh loss and a Houston loss and a Jacksonville loss and a N.Y. Jets loss OR
  • Miami loss or tie (vs. Pittsburgh) and a N.Y. Jets loss and a Baltimore loss and a Houston loss and a Jacksonville loss or tie

Nothing is less real than realism

November 7, 2009

“It is only by selection,elimination, emphasis that we get at the real meaning of things” . O’keeffe’s words are relevant for the VC job as well.

went to the Georgia O’keeffe exhibition at the Whitney, called abstraction. the whitney is a nice building, by the way, designed by Marcel Breuer. its windows are unusual, and can be considered upside down.

i was greatly impressed by

  • how ground breaking O’keeffe’s work was and the pain it caused her to be misunderstood
  • her ability to break taboos and live away from the city
  • her relationship with alfred stieglitz and what it did artistically for both of them. his photographs of her are genius. for their letters, there is a great archive at the yale library . i really am impressed how he saw the light in her early, and promoted her, championed her despite their large age difference ~24 years.

okeeffe by steiglitzwith the fire inside her, and the confidence of a mentor, she had the poise to produce in a prolific manner; and as an avant-garde and true to herself, she had a great, long life.  a bit like matisse’s paper cuts, in her late years she was ill, her ability to produce was reduced, resulting in a new use of color, barely recognizable as O’keeffe.

i really want to spend more time photographing. would love to produce some great photos. good composition, good lighting. and making people satisfied. good art makes my stomach turn. after an hour at a good exhbition i need to rest. the exhiliration i reach is rarely matched by other experiences. a bit like runners high, or falling in love.

city island

August 31, 2009

how would you like to live on an island, but in a city?

well, in the bronx, NYC, there is an island. one bridge connects it to the city. it is called city island

last week we went to see the movie city island. Limor my wife, Carmel our oldest daughter, Ran our friend and myself. not a usual combination

in short, what ‘The Breakfast Club‘ did to high school, ‘The Big Chill‘ to post college life, City Island does to family 20 years into this life long exploration. check out this scene between the kids ‘ you shut up. no, you shut up‘. Ezra Miller is wonderful, and i predict will be a big name.

it is unusual to laugh real hard and cry in the same movie. i did

there are some great themes in this movie:

  • fulfilling dreams
  • what happens when great secrets come out
  • trusting someone who does not expect it
  • challenging societies values, and perhaps regretting it

Raymond de Filleta does a wonderful job as writer and director.

this movie is an independent movie and you will not much about it unless you look for it. very little press coverage and reviews to date.

yet another reason to go see the movie