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when does spring start?

January 30, 2010

Spent the afternoon with Limor, her parents, and the kids

celebrated Limor’s birthday which took place this sunday (we did bazel, dizingoff, gordon, ben yehouda and back – mostly art galleries,  jewlery makers and off course, iceberg, the great ice cream store)

during our afternoon a few interesting discussions ensued. would love to hear your opinions

  1. when does spring start?
  2. when it rains, do you get more wet when you run, or walk?
  3. if you want your tea to chill down, when do you need to add the sugar

as far as everyone is concerned we are a nice normal family

when does spring start?

several answers came out:

  • when more days, the sky is blue then grey
  • when poppy flowers come out (and חרציות)
  • כשהחצב פורח. wait. no, no, no
  • כשהשלגיה פורחת
  • pesach. or purim. but wait, it rains every purim. so pesach? it is חג האביב, ל?א.
  • טו בשבת?
  • march 23
  • when the days start being longer, and you hear more birds

well for me, it is when the mango trees start creating their fruit. slow at first, then flowers, by august fruits. every day  a small progress.

the beauty for me is that the mango tree grow just ourside our bath window. i recommend this. plant a tree you love by your bathroom window. you will start every day with it. it is a love realtionship know one will discover.

the mangos started pushing sweet love out of their leaves this past week

welcome, spring

rain. walk or run?

running or walking during rain? when do you get more wet?

  • first, lets remove the element of time. you probably get there more quickly if you run.gil claims it does not matter, and in brainiac they showed that over the same path, the runner is wetter. how?
  • we decided it depends on the angle of the rain. if it is a steep angle, and you run, you cross more raindrops per second. if it is vertical, running is still wetter. got confused. help, can you? we decided it has to do with
  • the proportions of speed of run vs walk
  • the angle of rain/wind and
  • your body x section dimensions
  • alignment with wind speed

my advise:

“You get wet faster when you’re running, but you’re in it for less time.”

bottom line, do not get caught walking in the rain with you larger family, if you do not want this types of conversations. then again, maybe you do.

here is an interesting discussion favoring running.

read the answer, not the question

and another

look here as well (link is lost)

To stay drier, do you walk or run in rain? If you walk, researchers
say, you're all wet - Eric Sorensen, Seattle Times

and some more interesting links.
apparently an unsolved question:
a candian physicist point of view
a mathematician's 

Chill down

you want your hot tea to chill quickly

should you add the sugar first, or wait?

decided this depends on ΔT of the water and air. to the 4th degree.

so to chill down more quickly, keep the delta T high, add sugar later

still, when thinking of tea and cooling it. it think of my grandfather pundak, סבא ישעיהו , and his great ice tea

there is still the question of at which temperature it is best to drink your tea. and we have not added milk, yet…

for the Talpiot type readers, please, some help and observations

i guess i am rusty on my physics and the &# year old to 12year old threw too many ideas at me

left of center, wondering about you

July 20, 2009

Went to see suzanne vega last night. really enjoyed it

a few thoughts:

  • in one of her songs, she claims NYC is a women, sometimes a lady. and Tel-Aviv, she asked? “Gay man” was one of the responses
  • we sat row 15, not close, but not far. there were 2 large screens to the right and left of stage. i noticed that most of the crowd looked at the screens, not towards stage. interesting. you go to a live show and you watch the screen.
  • a few hours before the show, i suddenly had second thoughts. after the show i was wondering how i could have been in doubt. has that ever happened to you?
  • research shows we are better at predicting short term happiness than long term happiness
  • Tom’s diner, 112th and broadway, where seinfeld et al were sitting so often is such a beautiful capture of the moment, and also of semi-public sphere in america

we went to the cocert with our roomates from the late 80’s, ronit and lior

really brought back memories