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July 28, 2010

what is really israeli?

shoko (chocolate milk) in a bag for breakfast is high on the list. 

it looks slightly less pretty when one drinks it

why it is so deeply en-grained in our culture?

maybe because it is breakfast, early memories, mom, and a certain body part….

but i am here to write about a more serious topic,boards.

just one more reference to the delightful shoko bag. one summer morning i left it on the kitchen counter. in the afternoon, the shoko was not that good. shoko-late and shock-o-late

and now, focus. attention. silence.

one of the most important parameters in having an effective board meeting is ‘when do you send the board package’.

in the past i have even read academic research to support this.

you send a board package late, board will not be effective.

it will be  shock-0-late

remember. boards do not like surprises.

again. boards do not like surprise.

and some board members like to come in prepared.

now for the tough part. how late is late?

i have seen management teams  send the package the morning of the board meeting. this is often as people land in the city of the board from an over-night flight.

what is the message? you really want the board members effective? more importantly, it probably means the CEO and the CFO and other members of the team worked on it all night. how effective are you going to be running a meeting with so little time to prepare?

back to basics. no extremes. is a day before the board good enough?

i say ‘no’. it does not give enough time to prepare.

best is the weekend before the board. this, however, is either not practical or does not have the latest information. still, i encourage you to try it. delight.

how about at least 48 hours in advance? i think it is achievable, allows people time to go over and ponder, and even call and discuss misunderstandings or disagreements.

Israel at 62

April 21, 2010

i was going to write something for independence day

but then i ran into this poem by david sela

and i took the easy way out

will try again next year

ישראל – אני “חולה” עלייך!

ישראל בת שישים ושתיים

מאת: דייויד סלע

בימים בהם אנו מהלכים עם הראש מורכן,
כשצרות נופלות עלינו –  מכאן ומכאן,
בימים בהם אוחז בנו מן ייאוש,
ועמישראל נראה פתאום –  קצת חלוש,
בימים כאלה – אספר אודות נפלאותייך –
מדינת ישראל – אני “חולה”  עלייך!!!

בזמן שהעיתונות צועקת “שחיתות”,
והטלוויזיה מיד אחריה צווחת ברהיטות,
ש – “ברור שאיבדנו את הכיוון –
כולם גנבים ואין אף פוליטיקאי הגון “,
בימים כאלה – אספר סיפור אהבה –
ביני – סתם אזרח פשוט – ובין המדינה.

כי המדינה הזאת – כמו אישה מופלאה,
לעיתים מסתורית, לעיתים פרועה,
היא יפה ומאתגרת, היא מריחה נפלא,
וכשצריך – אוספת היא אותי אליה בחמלה,
היא מגלה בי דברים שאפילו אני אינני מכיר  –
והסקס איתה – גם בגיל שישים ושתיים – הוא פשוט אדיר!

כי המדינה הזאת היא גם תושביה,
אלה שבאו מכול פינות העולם – דווקא אליה,
אמנם מעט רעים, כמו בכל מקום, אכן,
אך בכל יום ויום אני אומר שיתכן –
שבגלל חלק מאלה שפה – אלה הטובים,
שווה לחיות פה – לעולמי עולמים!!!

כי המדינה הזאת היא גם נופים,
איפה בעולם אחווה עוד כאלה חוויות וריגושים,
כמו לרדת לים המלח ביום אביב,
או לצפות מהגולן בכינרת – זה ממש מגניב,
או ליהנות מהזריחה מעל פסגת הר הצופים,
מכל מקום שאביט – נופים ועוד נופים.

כי המדינה הזאת היא גם ריחות,
היש עוד מקום בו כה נפלאות הפריחות,
וריח הפרדסים בשעת בקיעת ניצת התפוז,
כמה נפלא! מי בכלל  ירצה מפה לזוז?
וריח המלוח, וריחו הנפלא של הירדן,
האמינו לי – ממש אין על מה להתלונן.

כי המדינה הזאת היא גם קולות,
איפה בעולם יש עוד בליל כזה של מקהלות,
בכל השפות והסלנג שרק אפשר,
וכל זה יהיה פה – גם מחר,
וזה עושה את החיים פה כה מעניינים,
זה מוכר, זה שלי, זה נעים!

כי המדינה הזאת היא גם סמלים בליבי,
ואני רוצה להודות לך, אלי,
שנתת לי לחיות במקום כה נפלא –
בו יש סיבה לחיות, בהחלט יש על מה,
שבו שירת ההמנון, הדגל, חזרה מחו”ל ועוד –
מעלים לחלוחית בעיניי, ואני נרגש מאוד!

כי המדינה הזאת היא גם חברים,
איפה יש עוד בעולם כאלה אנשים,
רק בנכר אתה לומד להעריך את העוצמה,
של חברות ישראלית, חבר אמיתי, חברה,
חברים שאוהבים אותך, אוהבים מאוד,
אנשים שאיתם אתה רוצה להיות – עוד ועוד.

כי המדינה הזאת היא כל כך הרבה,
שאם רק אבחר – אראה גם אראה,
שזה המקום הכי נפלא בעולם, למרות –
שחיתות, מרמה, גניבות ומריבות.
ולכן  ישראל אהובתי – אל נא תעלבי ממשנאייך-
אני, אזרח פשוט –  פשוט חולה עלייך!!!

דייויד סלע
נוסטלגיה אונליין – שימור התרבות הישראלית

Bronze anniversary

March 25, 2010

wednesday night was big.

Carmel graduated from her army course. that’s topic for another post. but let me tell you, i was proud

roger junk Bronze Anniversary

but also, Wednesday night was Limor and mine bronze anniversary. that’s 19 years. and 4 kids.3 cats and a dog.


unbelievable. we have done some great things together. responded in some hard moments as a team. even if at times i was far away on some seemingly crucially important business trip. god bless her for keeping up with me and my nonsense.

of greater interest to me is not the fact that i first saw her in mid February. in Eran Karoly’s birthday on a Friday night. i have great memories of that evening. so, this last February we started a countdown to the day  we met 20 years ago. twenty years!!!

10 days

9, 8 ,7

4 days to go i told Limor that i was thinking about it and found out it was 21 years ago

now that is very Limor+Adi

it also means that last year. when it was really 20, we passed it by without noticing…

Spring forward, fall back

March 23, 2010

this weekend we will move to spring time


and goodbye to the many wonderful sunsets we had this winter. did you notice? they were great, better than in years past.

i love it when we ‘get back’ the hour that means more light, more fun, more smiles

i would move us to european central time so that the sun sets later year round. then would add in the summer. take a look at a previous post on the matter.

anyhow, people are always confused in which direction to move the clock.

here is a simple answer:

in the spring, forward

in the fall, back

make sense,  spring forward


fall back

i think we are often in such situations in life, but do not realize it, and just try to hang on to the routine.

this day, in which we move the clock is a reminder to try to see what is it in our routine that we want to change.

spring brings its promises.


February 9, 2010

plastics is not only the future

(boy, i liked that movie -the graduate. for its music, its promise and pressure of the future, and for its lack of predictability. and a great depiction of a great time period)

it is also an answer to a deep philosophical question:

why are we here?

George Carlin – Saving the Planet

JD Salinger and dry dates

January 30, 2010

JD Salinger, best known for his 1951 novel The Catcher in the Rye, as well as his reclusive nature is gone

a few thoughts:

  • i may or may not be still in my adolescence, but agree with holden that most adults are “phony”
  • where do the central park lagoon ducks go during winter? they have a recluse in the park
  • it is hard to walk in Central Park and not think of holden, the book and my brother, Ofer, who connected to its loneliness so fully

for trivia lovers, worth while to read on


JD salinger had a broken heart. this is where some of the best art comes from

out of fracture, comes greatness.

the girl’s name?

oona o’neill daughter of of Nobel and Pulitzer Prize-winning  playwriter  Eugene O’Neill and writer Agnes Boulton.

for those who may remember, O’neill was played by  Jack Nicholson in the movie Reds (for a review of this great film, click here)(along side the fantastic Diane Keaton). which directly makes me think of Reds’ star, co-writer, producer and director Warren Beatty about whom Carly Simon sang, ‘You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you’. more about beatty simon and their dates in a second.

oona o’neill also dated

  • cartoonist Peter Arno,
  • director Orson Welles,
  • (and as stated above, author J. D. Salinger). To Salinger’s disappointment, however, their relationship ended when she met
  • Charlie Chaplin and later become Lady Chaplin, (therefore Salinger’s broken heart).

arno who perhaps is least known today was multi-talented, rich, and handsome.  He exuberated confidence. his sketches were funny, satirical, unique and risky. like the one above.

anyhow, seems that oona had something about her


Beatty has had several high-profile relationships with his costars, including Natalie Wood (Splendor in the Grass), Julie Christie (McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Shampoo, Heaven Can Wait), Diane Keaton (Reds), Isabelle Adjani (Ishtar) and Madonna (Dick Tracy).

not bad

back to carly simon

who i think is totally wonderful

is also well known for “Anticipation“, which was used as the soundtrack for TC commercials  for Heinz ketchup in the 1970s. The song relates Simon’s state of mind as she waits to go on a date with Cat Stevens. After their brief liaison during 1970-1971 ended amicably, Stevens wrote his song “Sweet Scarlet” about Simon, who also had highly publicized relationships with Warren Beatty, Mick Jagger, Kris Kristofferson, and James Taylor during this period.

Oona dated cartoonist Peter Arno, director Orson Welles, and author J. D. Salinger.[citation needed] To Salinger’s disappointment, however, their relationship ended when she met Charlie Chaplin

ubiquity, thanks Aza

October 24, 2009

for us israelies, this is not what you think, no politics


this is about how to get more out of your browser

this is for those of us frustrated with how we interface with a computer

this may lower the usage of  CTRL C, CTRL X by an order of magnitude

if you are not using Firefox as your browser, i think you should. (biggest reason not to, many Hebrew sites are built for explorer. boo. i use Mozilla as my default and explorer for emergencies)

and if you are using firefox, i really recommend ubiquity

an add on from mozzila labs which Aza Raskin is promoting

it really simplifies your browsing as it understand context.

for a brief demo, look here

to download, go here


September 30, 2008

Last week i made it to class 5 minutes late because i played tennis earlier

it was a beautiful day

i felt like coffee

i mad a big decision. a small step for man, a giant step for me

i decided to go get coffee. i sat on a bench – boy i like benches and watched life

100 ft from me a class was taking place

boy, that was tough, but rather enjoyable

Wait a second

September 21, 2008

some stop lights here in new haven, have a countdown indicator

so while you wait, you know how long you wait. 22, 21, 20 in 19 seconds we can be in motion again, make that 17.

that is great.

it makes the wait a lot easier. i hate lines, traffic jams. a hidden hand is taking control of my schedule.

how many times have you disconnected the phone-call with the call-center at your service provider after 30 minutes of listening to

  • ‘dear customer’
  • ‘sorry for you wait’
  • ‘our agents are busy helping customers just like you’

i always think that perhaps i am not so dear, and they really are not that sorry for the wait. ‘how dare they!, do they know who I am…’

but the wait is made easier when you know how long it is going to be. right?

but wait,

why do we hate waiting so much. when a friend is late to a meeting, are you a bit frustrated?

can we ‘make this threat an opportunity’

tell the friend ‘thank you’ when he arrives 10 minutes late? (and i have some friends you can “count” on).

our lives are too busy.

so we are actually getting a moment to stop, and think, to be with ourselves. isn’t this actually what we desire?

i find that when i get this moment, it if is 30 seconds at the stop light, or 10 minutes for someone’s tardiness, i….

pick up the cell phone to call someone or look at the blackberry to catch up with emails.

so perhaps

  • i am busy being busy
  • am i afraid of being alone?
  • have not found the happiness in doing nothing

but wait a second.

have you not found that during trips, holidays, it is the things unplanned that turned out to be the most fun?

that great ideas come when we relax? (newton and the apple – it is because he made time to nap beneath the tree that he came up with the idea of gravity. i was always fascinated by the story of kekule and the structure of benzene [also known as ouroboros, which is beautiful, and deserves its own blog some day] and that it had come up in a reverie, or day dream)

so it seems i am not letting myself to let go. perhaps you too? but we are actually preventing from ourselves many great ideas, opportunities and dreams. look at that squirrel climbing the tree! Man, these beautiful, sunny, Saturday, autumn afternoons in New England are fantastic.

so i am becoming better at doing nothing, day dreaming.

when you are tired you dream of sleeping. when you are busy, dream of day dreaming.

so i need to do less planing. to love the time of nothing.

plan to be surprised

too busy to think

September 10, 2008

from a session on problem framing

people are too busy to think. too involved by little things. the in-box. what other people want you to look at

problem framing thoughts

  1. do not accept first frame –
  2. when given choices, break the structure – ‘red or dead?’ switch to ‘what is the nuclear threat’
  3. cognitive empathy – try argue something you do not believe in. the other side’s
  4. use scenarios to identify or discover issues, rather than solutions. if it is true, what does it mean
  5. do not dismiss a scenario. dismiss its main component
  6. sensitize – ‘i have never thought of this before’ – now, a scenario helped register another possibility
  7. plausible – were you work there are people you admire. ask them a ‘what-if’ and see if they see it possible vs likely

the tyranny of small decisions – a sequence of small decisions. each is right, but the path is wrong

‘we will only deal with hard data, not speculation’ limits thinking

hard data is never hard

repeat small errors are forgiven, one big error is not

from 9/11 report. example of good questions to challenge organization

  1. did you see how bad it could get?
  2. did you think current policies were working?
  3. did you think it was your job to make a change?