a great city

first time i was there, 1994 in our great trip paris to barca and back to paris

my first impressions were:

– paris has competition

– people are fun. there was a disco with ‘free entrance before 2 am’ as the crowds come in afterwards

– clothing, cafe’s, architecture, boulevards, museums and football are great

gaudi is a genius. La sagrada familia and the beauty of its incompleteness, la pedrera and its ‘completeness’. parc guell is interesting but disappointing

– now it is a lot less special, but 25 years ago Vincon’s was a dream. a great store for people who care about design


MACBA is great. especially if you like Richard Meier

Fondacion Juan Miro will make you fall in love if you have not already. good experience  of light, space, views of barca and complete works of miro from many periods. eli and dorin say – Notable Sites: — Miro Foundation Excellent perspective of his body of work, the evolution of his visual language, style and insight to some of his creative process . Followed by a cable car ride down from the montjuric hill back to the city.

architecture of miro museum is beautiful as well (designed by Josep Lluis Sert) and reminds me of meaght museum in southern france

Barcelona pavilion, by mies van der rohe,  is all about simplicity and modernism . it is an icon of the 20th century. book store is nice. you can spend 5 miuntes or 3 hours, but you should go. location is next to many museums in montjuif. designed in 1929 it looks futuristic,a s fresh as the day it was conceived.

WARNING, all you are going to see is a building with a few walls.

MNAC museum national of art catalunya is nice and has a nice cafeteria. buildings are also aninteresting combo of new and restored.

— Picasso museum – Mostly his early years. Evolution, and also how thorough he was when studying a topic or subject.


walk any of the boulevards and create your memories

metro is very good


here are impressions from eli and dorin

– So even before getting to the city, everyone gets excited about it.  They
all tell you that they know absolutely the best tapas /paella restaurant or
bar. And they are ALL probably right.

What made our visit successful is that we had a good “Top-10” List of things that we wanted to do, like visit the major architectural sites, museums and parks, specific restaurants we wanted to dine at, sports match to attend (FC Barcelona vs. Dynamo Kiev) and wine tastings.

— Gaudi’s Works – wow! A must see, La Pedrera and its detailed completeness
and  la Segrada Familia yet incomplete. I don’t think that we get to  witness
nowadays the building of a Christian cathedral, let alone such a magnificent
one. I hope that I’m still around to visit the city again when it’s finally
built. Symbolic of the lifelong spiritual process that so many people
undergo- Gaudi included. Also attracted to  Gaudi’s organic shapes (column in the cathedral are like trees, curved shapes).

– Walk and absorb the city through La Ramble and Ave Diagonal.

– Interesting Catalan dialect/food/heritage

— Hall of Catalan music- stunning architecture, beautiful glass ceiling.

FC barcelona game!

For next time:
It makes sense to get tickets to the double Decker tour bus & use it to get
the city, as well as discounts to some of the destinations along the way;
Alternative – 5 museum pass
Check out jazz or flamenco tickets on advance, use

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