Hotel market is 15 minutes from rambla, good value for price, nice rooms – but i think they smoke in all of them, or used to. has a nice restuarant as well and is part of the chain of restaurants that include Rita. so make sure to ask for a double bed, not 2 singles, and no smoking. your room will determine how much you enjoy the stay.

Barcelona city hotel, previously Hotel Universal, is very inexpensive, great location but only 2 stars. i think they still do not have A/C. a great choice if you want to save money. it made our first trip to barca fantastic as we had more money that we could spend. euro 50 per night is possible.

casa camper hotel is a nice boutique hotel. there is now one in berlin as well

a hotel which is expensive, fancy shmancy, but great design is Arts Hotel. location is not great,but by the sea.

eli and dorin say

Stayed at the Hotel Grand Marina. Large & modern room.

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