Merav says “Magical Place!”

28 rooms, closer to sienna than firenze

Hotel Belvedere di S. Leonino

53011 Catellina in Chianti, Siena

T: 0577-740887

yoav says

Here is a link for Tuscan vacation houses. We prefer the farm houses.  we stayed 3 times in the past “Masseto

Next to a  village called Piazza.The internet site is not up to modern standards but the place is nice the location and surrounding villages are very nice. It is the heart of Chianti country. San Donato in Poggio, Castellina in Chianti.



JK place – very high end, recommended by avi


prada outlet. hard to find. worth the trip. close to Montevachi on ss408

outlet mall, The Mall and and some reviews


it is fun to  learn to cook locally. i recommend, wherever you go and have time,  to look for a chef who will cook for you. i did this in very exotic places and it is a great local experience.

this lovely couple, will cook for you IN YOUR VACATION HOME

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