apartment rentals are a great way to travel less expensively. it adds some more charm and character to the visit, but is less lux פינוקי

this one looks good

and this one is a great deal, but location is not great, user feedback is very positive

Hotels -Simple

La Calcina a nice and simple hotel, good location has restaurant, family run

Al sole a great 3 star hotel. inexpensive. good location


an association with some 14  restaurants. really looks good

Alle Testiere Restaurant – recommended by Merav

only 9 tables. make reservations. closed sundays and mondays

Castello 5801

Calle Del Mondo Novo


T: 041-5227220

Bacari Vini da pinto

close to rialto in the fish market Rialto Pescheria
authentic, inexpensive. good vento wines at modest prices. great for lunch

here is a recommendation in hebrew

San polo 367, Rialto Pescheria

tuesdays -sundays. 22:00-10:00. closed mondays

claimed to be the best restaurant in italy: expensive but may be worth it

Vini da Gigio
tel:041 5285140

serious about wines, as the name suggests. $150 per couple with a good bottle of wine

really wonderful, great atmoshpere, nice service, small dishes, like anything in italy, in moderation.

expensive, but worth the money. we even had nice wine for euro 15 per bottle


gil dibner enjoyed this one

L’Osteria di Santa Marina

Campo Santa Marina 5911, Venice, Italy


ice cream

there are plenty of good ice cream places in venice.

one that is really special is on the way from the ferrovia to l’accademia

grom really special. it is not not great, as Tal, claims. but for an older taste, it is a must and worth a special trip. campo San Barnaba is wonderful. with a nice design store, a good coffee place and a nice church. i did not feel it is as touristic as one may think. the toy store in the corner of the square seemed oriented at locals.

Tal, 5.5 years old, had fiordelatte and choccolate. both were ‘organic’. the chocolate was so intense, she claimed it was like coffee, the fiordelatte, not loaded with sugar, and she claimed was not good enough. so we ended up buying something else (forest fruit) in a place down the street.


Nearby, in Campo San Barnaba, we loved Madera (041 5224181), a shop that features housewares by international designers and local artisans — like the hand-carved wooden spoons and spatulas by an artist from the town of Schio.

it seems they are trying to allow for online shopping through this site

jewlery was great

Madera’s owners, three architects, recently opened a gallery down the street called Laboratorio 2729, a minimal concrete space that is unusual in Venice.  Francesca Meratta is one of the owners.



New contemporary art museum, two locations. one at the Punta della Dogana, old customs building. great location. i love newer art museums and the stories behind them architected by Tadao Ando

Peggy Guggenhiem who loved her cats, left this for us to enjoy.

Limor asked לגבי הביאנלה

and the official site ot the La Biennale

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