Paris – restaurants

here are a few recommended restaurants in paris

feel free to send your own recommendations:

  • Georges, on the 5th floor of centre pompidou (one of my favorite buildings in the world) . nice design, fantastic views and good dishes, not great. but always a good experience
  • Robert et Louise, great atmosphere, crowded, rustic food prepared on open fire. not the best service or greatest food, but still fun

l’atelier de joel robouchon is worth a visit, but not a return

Le timbre is recommended by Yoni

a great blog about paris and restaurants in paris in hebrew

and a nice one in English,


Les Dingues.

not a touristic place, yet. vidoc d’artes in the neighborhood has artists shops

17 rue de rambouillet

+33 1 4345 3538

m gare de lyons


La racine

nice daily dishes

a great bistro

22 ru Monsieur Le Prince

+33 1 4326 0386

m odeon

next to bon marche


chez germaine

has been around, good prices

m vanea

+33 1 4273 2834



intereting kitsch design

29 rue saint george

m notre dame de lorette


in the marais. previously a wine store.

Vins de pyreneees

25 rue Beautrellis

+33 1 4272 6494

m st paul


un zebra a monmartre

open late past midnight around montmartre

38 rue lapic

m abbesses

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