Louis lunch

Was the hamburger invented in haburg?

nop, in new haven. at louis-lunch in 1895.

perhaps it is not that healthy, but hamburger, a good one, not at the yellow M, can be delightful.

Louis is great for a simple good meal. nothing fancy. pure. not a place ‘to-go-out’, it is a place for a meal.

at Louis everything is very simple and to the point. menu has very little other than hamburger which is cooked in a special grill in front of your eyes. the place is the size of a room. the wooden tables have many names etched-in. some hearts with names of two lovers have at least one name crossed out.  broken hearts.

hamburgers usually served with a slice of onion and a slice of tomato, no buns, just two slices of toast.

no ketchup

when i think of things i miss in new haven or what i would do first when i am back, louis lunch comes to mind

with the smiling faces of limor and gil


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