nayan chanda- yale global online

Yale has a wonderful globalization on-line magazine and is a fantastic resource for issues and challenging the mind. it is called yale global online.

as many great human achievements, there is a great person behind it (and a great woman behind him), nayan chanda.

Nayan’s book on the history of globalization, Bound Together, is an illuminating journey through the stepping stones of mankind’s global conquest. to read the first chapter, click here or to see a presentation, here and scroll down.

‘i work for globalization’ => creates antagonism

globalization is ‘bad term’, understood differently by each one of us. to many it causes fear and promotes challanges.

does globalization mean ‘Americanization’?

the word made it into the dictionary just in the early 1960’s. The 1961 definition of globalization was ” to make things worldwide in scope and action”.

his own definition of globalization:  “An enduring trend to reconnect Human Communities with a thickening web and increasing speed, creating in the process a global awareness “


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