there is no truth

value conflict and negotiation

key takeaways:

there is not truth. just useful things

in negotiations, start with an outrageous price and imply flexibility. this is not giving a range. people want to see an ‘end’ in sight. be nice.

‘if you give me x, done deal’  is very powerful.

good deals are some times not good enough. do a few great deals.


richard rorty a pragmatist. ‘there is not truth’ and much more insight

linda babcock – here oct 30th 4 pm. wrote a book: women don’t ask: negotiations and the gender divide

click here for a video


on negotiations:

don’t be overconfident, but ask for a lot. imply flexibility and be nice!

warn, don’t threaten

treat everything as if it was a tactic.

test for validity

‘how did you arrive at this offer?’

make several offers simultaneously


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